Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Foodfest at Our Place!

I've been lucky enough to have had a full house these past 2 days. My eldest son and his girlfriend (who is flying back to the UK this Friday after 3 months here in Australia) decided to cook up a feast for all of us last night.
They are wonderful cooks and the food was amazing. 
We had kangaroo, kale, apple, beetroot and cashew salad. It was delicious!
We also had the best vegetable lasagne I've ever had. It was so good and I've just polished off the last piece of it for dinner tonight.  
Homemade garlic bread topped it off and it was really lovely for the six of us to all be together enjoying a wonderful dinner. 
The only thing I had to do was dessert and with strawberries being so delicious at the moment it was an easy decision. 
Strawberries and raspberry mousse! 
I just love having everyone home and as it doesn't happen as often these days, I treasure every moment. 
There was  lots of laughter, playing cards, remote control helicopter flying, playing "worms" on the play station and music on the guitars. Loved every second. 
On another food note this book arrived in the mail today. Can't wait to try the recipes in this. It's full of wonderful recipes and photos.
Just a couple more photos of my treasures as I'm feeling very grateful for my family every day. 
Hope you've had a lovely day today!
Teresa xx


Jan said...

How lovely to have everyone together, Teresa - and to have dinner cooked for you!

Lurline said...

Your time together sounds wonderful!
Hugs - Lurline xx

Susan said...

Nothing better than good food enjoyed with your family. Looks great.

Mistea said...

Your dinner looks delicious, how wonderful to have guests who enjoy making food to share.
Enjoy your family.

Willow Grove Quilting - Kez said...

So nice for you Teresa but I didnt see the macaroons anywhere. Are you saving them for me lol . Beautiful family

Karen said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time - and the food looks delicious!!

Sue W ♥ said...


enjoy every moment

marina said...

what a banquet! it's wonderful that you are having some great time together.

Chookyblue...... said...

is this what they were cooking when i rang you the other night........darn I should have been there to eat with you.........

hope the cruise is going well......

Pansy said...

What a wonderful time you all had with awesome food & all served in the gorgeous Willow pattern I see. Remote control airplanes was the go here also with Jesse home last week, our boys & their toys, love & adore them all x