Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cooking Class

I had an absolutely amazing, fun day today with James. We did an Indian cooking class together. 

We learnt so much and made the most wonderful dishes. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. 

After all that work we got to eat all the incredible dishes we made. 

How good does this look? By the time we got to eat, we were starving. 

Afterwards we went shopping for Jack. He needs a Hawaiian shirt for uni. James found the perfect one! 
I had the best day xxx

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Early Mothers Day Present

 Last Tuesday night I received an early Mothers Day present from my eldest son. It was so nice. First I had dinner made for me (always going to win me over if you cook for me!!!) We had steak cooked in a creamy white wine sauce with mushrooms and garlic, chips and a delicious salad with lemon dressing. It really was amazing.
Then we went to the Palace Theatre where the German Film Festival is on.
We saw a fantastic film called "More Than Honey". It was such a great night. Love spending time with my kids.  
I saw this photo of my boy and I just had to pinch it. Can you see the yo yo? He really is amazing with the tricks he can do with this thing! I am always very entertained with what he can do. 
Thanks for the dinner and night out James.... Loved it all... Love you kiddo!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Table Runner Swap

 Recently I went in a table runner swap run by Sue (of Quilting Block Swaps Australia). The idea was to make a table runner using a charm square pack. As I had just been to the Adelaide retreat and one of the projects was a table runner made from a charm pack (by the lovely Dawn Hay) I wanted to try that pattern out. My partner was Maria of Life on the Block and this is the gorgeous runner she made for me.

 I love the bright colours and the fabrics. It fits my table perfectly.
There were lots of other goodies too... I was very spoilt. How cute is this tea towel? Way too nice to use!  The card is gorgeous too. Thanks so much Maria... I love my runner!!!
 This is the runner I made for Maria. The pattern is so clever and effective. As you can see we both used lots of lovely bright colours in our runners set off with fresh white.
I really enjoyed making the runner and the beauty of this pattern.....
is the second runner ... yep.... there are 2 different ways of joining the charm squares to make 2 different runners. Very clever.
Hope you have a great weekend!

The Birthday Boy

 Just a couple of photos of Jack and his quilt. Not a very good photo of the quilt I might add. I will have to try and get it off him to take a decent photo. 
I'm so glad he loves it.
Love this boy! 
At work one of the girls organised a cake for Jack. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The "Cake"

For the last few years Jack hasn't wanted a birthday cake - instead he wanted his favourite - lemon meringue pie. He loves it and we've discovered the Cheesecake Shop makes an unbelievable, delicious, huge one. So today I picked up his birthday "cake" and look what else they sell now......
I have to try them.....have to.....
The quilt was finished last night (actually early this morning) so I can finally give it to him tomorrow. There are a few other little surprises and I'm ready. Bring on the birthday!
Have a great day!
Teresa xx

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nearly Finished....

I started this quilt last year and wanted to give it to my youngest son for his birthday.
Hmmm well that didn't happen. As of today, though, I'm thrilled to say that it is now quilted and the binding is on. All I have to do now is hand sew the binding to the back. His birthday is Friday - nothing like a bit of pressure to get it done!!!! I really do work well under pressure!
The fabrics are rich with gorgeous gold threads running through them. Lovely bright reds, blues and greens with strong black borders. The fabrics, colours and patterns remind me of Morocco!
He's already seen the fabrics and loved them so I can't wait to give it to him when it's finished.
Hope you've had a great day!
Teresa xx