Friday, March 29, 2013


 Last week my brother was up from Melbourne and staying at Noosa for a week. Our birthdays are 10 years apart, so he was also celebrating a "big" birthday this year. (I much prefer his to mine!!!)
Anyway.... he invited us up and took us out to dinner for my birthday. 
How very, very special.
The place we stayed at was AMAZING... the views incredible and so close to everything. I just had to take this photo of me enjoying the spa on the verandah with a glass of pink moscato and enjoying the scenery. The views go from the mountains in the hinterland all the way to the beach, sand and surf. It's really beautiful.
 My wonderful brother and sister in law took us out to a fantastic Italian restaurant for dinner and it was very swish! The food incredible... and can you believe it? I have no photo to show of my dinner! I know... I know...
 We walked to dinner and this is one of the trees at the end of the street. Just love fairy lights!
 The following day we did a wonderful bush walk through the National Park out to the "Boiling Pot". How cool is it to do a bush walk, but with views of the ocean along the way? Simply beautiful place.
 I had a wonderful couple of days and made even more special by spending it with these two generous, thoughtful people. Thanks so much guys! I had a ball!!!
This birthday just keeps going on and on and on....


Susan said...

Just love that first shot....pure relaxation. I love Noosa, it's one of my favourite holiday spots.

Marilyn said...

Noosa is such a wonderful place to spend a couple of days away from home and the normal day to day happenings isnt it. Extra wonderful to share the time with your brother and sister in law.