Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catching Up on the Last Day of Adelaide

On my last day of the Adelaide retreat I met up with my Mum. I was so excited to see her as it's been awhile! She's been staying in a town that is about a 5 hour drive outside of Adelaide and made the long drive to Adelaide with her partner, Frank, to see me before I headed back home.
What a great day we had! We made the most of every minute. 
First we headed back up to Hahndorf and spent some more time up there. We drove through the Adelaide Hills and saw just how beautiful this place is. 
 It was very hot on that last day (just over 38 degrees) and when we spotted the chocolate shop with it's sign stating how lovely and cold it was inside... we couldn't resist!!! Very good idea!! Delicious!
One of the gorgeous little historical towns we drove through was Oakbank - I want to go back there again when I have more time to see everything. It was really beautiful.
 We also drove to Mt Lofty and visited the Lookout and Flinders Memorial. Look at that sky - no filters on this photo... it was such a beautiful day.
The views were amazing (this is my attempt at using the panorama thingy on my camera - Thanks Wendy for showing me I had this on my phone!!!)
We had the best day and it was wonderful to spend the day with Mum and Frank and be taken out for lunch and spoilt rotten as they always do for me. I was very lucky to get the chance to catch up with them... and so far from home!!!
 My last photo of the trip and lucky for me I had Joy take it as she was sitting near the window on our trip home. I got to share the trip with Joy and Marilyn which was lovely. 
What a wonderful 4 days.... and what a great way to end it. 
I can't wait to do it all again next year!
Have a great day!


Marilyn said...

A perfect way to end such a wonderful few days. I have borrowed your sunset pic as requested - dont know why I had turned my phone completely off instead of flight mode. I cant wait for next year as well.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great photos..and yes perfect way to end your break..

Susan said...

What a wonderful trip, and lovely to finish it by spending the day with your Mum and Frank.

shez said...

what a lovely post Teresa and so glad you had such a wonderful time.xx

marina said...

what a bonus to catch up with your mum! Welcome back home.

Noela said...

A wonderful trip by all accounts Teresa. Hugs.....

miss~nance said...

What a great way to finish the wonderful weekend.

Hugs & blessings