Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Photos

 Finally!!!! The computer is back on. I have to give credit to Telstra who said they would be out to check our lines and yesterday that's just what they did. The computer and home phones were back on in the afternoon ....and then... I had to go to work!!! Any way... I have finally got a chance to make a post via the computer... I was getting a little frustrated doing it with my phone! 
I also was having a lot of trouble keeping up with everyone's blogs via my phone, so I have a lot of catching up to do....
I wanted to post a few Christmas photos I've taken in the last few weeks. Getting into the spirit of Christmas has been very easy this year. The first photo was taken at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. We went there a couple of weeks ago to see Tap Dogs. The decorations in the Casino were just beautiful.
  This photo is of my Jack and was taken yesterday after he finished work. I love that even at 18 he is still happy to have his photo taken with Santa. This Santa was pretty cool too... loved his beard!! Poor guy must have been almost fainting in our over 35 C day.
 One of my photo challenges this month was decoration.. This is the front cover of my Christmas Journal and I used this photo for the "decoration" pic.
 This lovely gift and - can you believe it - an Eiffel Tower grater!!!! was a present from my gorgeous friend Virginia. The book is full of wonderful things to make... and I am absolutely over the moon with my little grater.
 Another sweet present was from my dear friend Michelle. I love this Christmas decoration sooo much. It was the first to go on my tree this year. Almost all my decorations are hand made and all have very sentimental meanings to me.
 This was also a gift from a very special friend of mine, Illene and was a complete surprise when I received it....the best kind of surprise ever. Beautiful French influences in the little book and hanger. I have the perfect place for the hanger... you must have known Illene! Thank you so much.

 How cute and tiny is the little owl!!! He is so sweet and I've put him amongst my thimble collection so I can easily see him (and not lose him!!)..

Last photo I want to share with you is this absolutely gorgeous gingerbread man. He was waiting for me when I got home from work this morning (4 am). Jack bought him when he went Christmas light driving last night. He is huge... he takes up my whole bench! and he is a proper gingerbread ... not a biscuit or a cake.. He is DELICIOUS. 
What makes this really lovely, is lately I've been leaving little notes saying "Do Not Eat" on packets of Tim Tams and boxes of chocolates around the kitchen. However.... the note Jack left on this gingerbread man was "EAT ME"... ha ha... I love him so much. 
Well I was going to have a quiet night tonight... but Jack has just asked me to go driving again to see more Christmas lights... I can't resist... Just grabbing my bag and we're off...
I guess I'll catch up with you when I get home...
Have a great night..
Christmas Eve tomorrow.. I can't believe it!!
Take care,


Susan said...

Hope you enjoyed the lights - Im sure you did! Love the gingerbread man - he must be enormous - congrats to those Telstra guys - at last you can function normally.

Have a great Christmas, Teresa.


Felíz Navidad!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Susan said...

Lovely to have you back. Enjoy the lights, the gingerbread amen and all your Christmas goodies.

Jantine said...

Welcome back ;-). Though you weren't really gone...
The gingerman looks delicious!

marina said...

lovely gifties Teresa, love that eiffel tower grater too! so perfect for you lol
Cute gingie man and so inviting.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Welcome back. Lots of lovely photos. Enjoy that super gingie and the lights. Merry Christmas.
Hugs xxx

Marilyn said...

Ahhh. So pleased it is sorted out for you. The gingerbread man is gorgeous - I would be torn between he looks too good to eat, and I want to eat him all.
Great photos too.

Mistea said...

Nice photos of all things Christmas.
I wanted to say hi to Santa myself the other night when I was out.
Delicious gingerbread.

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely post Liked your journal cover tag
Merry Christmas to you all xx