Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Catching Up!

Day 19 - Hole.
A little bird house I painted a few years back.
Day 20 - Today
Today I had lunch with Mum and said "Goodbye" yet again!!

Day 21 -  Cool

Day 22  -  Home

Day 23 - Pair
A pair of earrings!

Day 24 - Path 

Day 25 - Fresh
Fresh flowers! From my hubby!


Val Spiers said...

I love all your photos. The path looks awesome.

Val Spiers said...
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Melody said...

Great pictures.

Fiona said...

another lovely set of pictures.. sad saying bye to your mum again... special times...

Allie said...

Gorgeous pics hon, love the one of you and very sweet. And such gorgeous roses, what a great hubby you have!