Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - August

Another set of photos... the last for August. 
I just love the first one of my cat, Squeaky, cuddled up on my bed. She's so cute!
The clock is a kit I just received from Faeries in my Garden... it's this months Gift of the Month... perfect for the photo challenge.
Another photo I was really pleased with is my set of Russian Matryoshka dolls. I painted this set a few years ago with a friend of mine. It took me many, many weeks to paint them but I'm really happy with the way they turned out. The challenge was "hidden" and eventually I thought of the nesting dolls for a photo...
I hope you like them.....

Day 26 - Dream
Day 27 - Tap
Day 28 - Clock
This is a kit I just received to make - an embroidered, fabric clock!
Day 29 - Down
Looking down at my Squeaky, waiting to be fed.

Day 30 - Card
Day 31 - Hidden


Cattinka said...

Are you kidding? You really painted those wooden dolls? They look great!

Fiona said...

Oh my golly... what an amazing talent to do those Teresa.. they are wonderful...

Val Spiers said...

Lovely photos again. Your kitty sure is cute.

Susan said...

Squeaky looks so content. I love Kate Knapp's cards too.

Susan said...

Those Russian Matryoshka dolls are so lovely - you are so talented. Cute cat- have fun with the clock!

marina said...

your dolls are just amazing, love their faces.
I was just looking at that clock in a magazine today. It's gorgeous.
Squeaky is so cute!

Allie said...

Gorgeous pics - those dolls are amazing, love them so much!

Mistea said...

She sure is one cute cat with her innocent face.
The clock looks like a lot of fun - I did a cross stitch one years ago for my dad and they still have it hanging in the lounge room.
Your dolls are gorgeous - lovely details.
Enjoy your weekend.