Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bryce Courtenay

Last week I discovered this little book of Bryce Courtenays. I just fell in love with it. "A Recipe for Dreaming" is a little book of inspirational words of wisdom from Bryce and beautiful images by Anie Williams. It is such a positive, uplifting little book. I had actually planned to put up a post about it last week Then last night I saw the interview on A Current Affair with Tracy Grimshaw and his message today on Facebook. 

So unbelievably sad. He is such an amazing man, and author. My heart is just breaking... and my thoughts go out to him and his family. What a wonderful interview though... still so positive and upbeat. Purely inspirational as always.

"When you're skating on thin ice
you might as well tap-dance

Stick your neck out, volunteer, have a go, reach out 
beyond your best performance and when you do,
do so with style, elan, panache. You will learn more
from a brilliantly executed failure than from a 
success planned within the dreary safety of
what you already know.

Winning easy is boring, pointless work."

Bryce Courtenay


Jo in TAS said...

I watched it too and have commented on his FB page. He's such a wonderful story teller. April Fools Day had me engaged from start to finish. I was reading the final pages on the bus on my way to work and when i got off i had a page to go so i stood at the bus stop sobbing my eyes out in the middle of Brisbane City. It'll be so sad the day he goes, he's in a league of hs own!

De said...

I didnt see the interview but what an inspiring man. May his last days be full of happiness and memories for his family

Allie said...

Oh bless him, how sad...I've never heard of him here in the States but I wish him well in his last days, he sounds like a truly inspiring man.

Fiona said...

Oh no... I didn't see the interview but have enjoyed all of his books.... he has given a lot of enjoyment over the years...

Susan said...

How sad. I hadn't heard about this - hopefully he will stay well enough for a while yet to continue enjoying what he loves.- I have enjoyed all his books and I thought he was so brave to write April Fools Day.