Monday, August 27, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 27.8.12

As usual... lots of things!
It's feeling very summery here today. I feel as though we are going to miss out on Spring altogether and just go straight into Summer. And although I am a lover of winter (well that would be a lover of Queensland winter!!) it is always nice for the change in seasons to come, You need a bit of variety hey?
The last few days have been around the 22 to 24 degrees and have been just lovely. My legs even got to see the sun today... first time in ages!
Me and my Mum
As this month is huge in my family for birthdays, my Mum has been putting off leaving so as to see everyone one more time, before she hit the road traveling again. I've been very lucky to see so much of her this year... I think I've seen her more this year than I have in the whole 9 years of her traveling.
Mum, Frank and my youngest son, Jack
Last week we got to catch up for lunch and it was wonderful as it was just 2 days before her own birthday. And as usual, we had to say :"goodbye:" again and it is always hard.
Just had to add a pic of our lunch...rump steak and mushroom sauce!
Another thing making me happy, is fresh, beautiful roses from my hubby. I love it when he has to go to the Gold Coast and passes the little rose farm on his way.... Aren't they just beautiful?
My awesome speakers make me happy tooooo!
 Today is my day off... which means loads of housework to do. I don't know why, but listening to my favourite music (up loud) and singing and dancing along, always seems to make the housework less of a chore. I just love Guy Sebastians new single "Battle Scars"
I have been playing a great assortment of music today, including the Black Keys, One Republic and Fun. Love, love, love music. When the music is up loud, my cat meows along and it's hilarious. It really is like she's singing along... Why does she do that? It drives my son insane ha ha!!!
The washing got done, the house is (sort of) clean, the kitchen is back to normal...all is right in the household once again... and I enjoyed the sing and dance along as I went.
On another note... I want to send a shout out to all our local firies!!! Last week we had a pretty scary fire at the end of our street. It took off and escalated so quickly. The fire brigade was there before you knew it and they quickly took control. I can't believe how fast the fire traveled up the road. It is very dry here and it's been ages since we've had a real good dose of rain. This makes me think the summer/fire season is going to be pretty bad this year. Our firemen and women do a wonderful job and I am so grateful for them. Huge "Thank You" to you all.
Well I hope you are all having a wonderful, Happy Monday...
What's making you happy today????
Is it family? Warm weather? Just because roses? Singing and dancing? Being with the ones you love? Being grateful for what we have? or all of the above???
Have a good one...


Fiona said...

lots of lovely happy things ... I love our seasons here too ... there is lots for us to be grateful for ...


Susan said...

Your posts always make me happy. You are very good at encouraging gratitude! Thongs and bare legs already? I wish. Enjoy your family and the sunshine.

marina said...

love your first pic, I have a pattern for a tilda doll and she has sandals just like yours, in fact I thought the first photo was tilda feet!
Lots of happy photos.

Jan said...

What's making me happy? Good friends - and my lovely new table runner. Thanks again, Teresa; it makes me smile each time I'm near the dining table. We'd love some of your sunshine though; have had enough of cold, dreary weather.

Karen said...

Looks like you have had a lovely time with all the birthdays.
And I would love some of your warm weather!
The fires are a worry and so pleased it was dealt with quickly.

Mistea said...

The sun was shining and I had time for walking on the beach today. Perfect way to start the week.
Your lunch looks delicious.
Enjoy your week.

chrisartist said...

Working oday, but yesterday was heaven!
Baking, crafting, visits from my little granddaughters a lovely evening by he fire!!
Weather cold here in Tassie.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love your post Teresa...infectious just like you....LOL....great photos, fantastic choice of music

Cathy said...

Thank you, I was having a downer day, after reading your post I going to focus on what makes me happy instead!! Xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Here! Here! to our "Firies" they do a fantastic job! Love all your Happy things this week Teresa and I wish your Mum happy travelling again. Love Karise Eden's CD. She kept us company on our travels.

Wendy B said...

Oh Teresa....reading this post made me happy.....lots of lovely things...and yes, we are very lucky here in Oz aren't we??? Our firies do a great job as do all of our emergency services! Makes me proud to be an Aussie!!!
xox have a great week sweety
sugary hugs always
Wendy :O)