Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Photos... Photo a day challenge - July

 Day 8 - Lunch
Edamame, bean sprouts with pork and Umeshu.
Harajuku Gyoza, Fortitude Valley. 
Lunch with my brother... delicious!!!
Day 9 - Big
 Day 10 - My favourite colour
Blue, especially denim blue.
But I also love yellow... so hard to choose a favourite!!!
Day 11 - Letter
This is a letter James wrote to  me, the first time he went to work in Perisher for 3 months. 
It's very, very special to me.
 Day 12 - Texture
 Day 13 - Open

Another week of photos... I just love these challenges and looking outside the square!
Have a great weekend!
Teresa x


c0nsistentlyinc0nsistent said...

Fantastic photographs - I love your representation of 'open'.

Susan said...

You are always so creative Teresa

Allie said...

GREAT pics, girl! Love the pouch to keep your letter in, so beautiful!