Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sydney Day 1

Darling Harbour... This is very close to our Hotel and the Craft Fair. 
Nice view to look at on the way to meeting the girls.
The Craft Fair was wonderful. So much to look at .... and buy!!
Meeting Anni Downs! She is so lovely and her stall was my favourite by far!
 Going out for dinner... my room mates Jenny and Helen. These two are making this trip so enjoyable. I've been laughing so much and having such a great time. 
 At dinner, meeting the girls from my on-line group Friends in Stitching...
Exchanging gifts in the Paper Bag Swap... Kerry and Sarah...
 De and Sarah....
 Jenny and Peg.
 Chooky, Dawnie, Vicki, Kerry,
Me, Jenny, Helen, Peg, De, Sarah and Christine.
Chinese Gardens, Darling Harbour. The last time I went here was with my Mum and Dad over 21 years ago. 

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Chookyblue...... said...

I thought travelling with those girls you may have had sore ribs and tummy muscles due to all the LOL..........