Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Photos... Photo a Day Challenge - June

Day 22 - From a high angle
 Day 23 - Movement
Go Jack!!
Day 24 - On my mind
James is in Paris today!! 
Day 25 - Something Cute
I made this little 4 inch mohair bear a few years back.
Day 26 - Where I shop
 Day 27 - Bathroom
Day 28 - On my shelf 
 Day 29 - Soft
Chenille bunny made by Selina 
 Day 29 - Soft
My raggy edge flannelette quilt (I couldn't decide which photo to use for day 29)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Catch Ups and Cupcakes

 Catching up with my BOM's... 
Raspberry Rabits "The Adventures of Harrington and Hannah"
 I love these blocks with their cute little rabbits and working with the wool felt.
Just have to get this months block done....
 Melodys Penny Rug BOM... is all done, waiting for the next block...
 It's nice to be up to date on this one!
Last night my son and his girlfriend took over the kitchen after dinner and baked up a storm ....
of cupcakes...
 Delicious red velvet cupcakes....mmmm...
 And chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting..
 The decorating was left up to Jack and I think he did an amazing job!!!!
Best of all they washed up afterwards!!!!
I think they can cook whatever they like... whenever they like!!!
Today is a little overcast and a bit cold... perfect for stitching... and eating cupcakes!!!
Hope you're having a great day too!

Monday, June 25, 2012

What Makes me Happy 25th June 2012

Making me happy this week is Friendship! 
Friends who make you laugh, who love the same things you do, who make you feel comfortable. 
Friends, although you've never met.... make you feel like you've been friends all your life.
I have been blogging friends with Wendy for a few years now. As she lives in North Queensland, the chances of running into each other are pretty remote. Last week, Wendy was on a holiday on the Gold Coast and we finally got the chance to meet in person. 
She is so lovely and I really did feel like I've known her for ever...
 Lucky for me, two other wonderful friends came too.....
Marilyn and Joy... two more blogging friends that I have had the luck to already meet.
We had so much fun!!!
 We met up at the Ferry Road Markets, in Southport. I have never been there before and the place is just amazing. So many wonderful gift shops, delis, restaurants, kitchen shops... I will definitely be going back there again!
As you can see... we had a LOT of fun. The above photo just makes me laugh every time I look at it. This phone plugs into your iphone so you can talk on it like this!!!!! We just cracked up!
The smiles just say it all...We laughed and chatted all day.
  Of course, being on the Gold Coast... fresh seafood for lunch was the go...delicious!
 Gorgeous Wendy had surprise gifts for us all... so spoilt... so happy!
The little roly poly doll is actually a pen. She is so cute and I love all the other little "French" inspired goodies Wendy gave me. Fabric, tissues and a beautiful Cameo. This was so unexpected and just shows how gorgeous this girl is.
We found this amazing card stand in one of the shops and one stand in particular had some very funny (and naughty) cards... We were reading them all, laughing so hard and I thought we might actually get kicked out of the shop ha ha... Such a great day!
Joy found this card for me and I knew it had to come home.. I'm thinking of framing it!
Very apt as today James is in Paris for a few days.... so jealous.. . but also so happy he is getting the chance to see such a beautiful place and spend some time there.
Thank you sooooo much Wendy, Marilyn and Joy for spending the day together with me and turning it into such a fun, fabulous day...
What's making you happy today?
Hope you are finding something that makes you happy.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Purchases from Sydney Craft Fair

 I've finally got around to photographing my purchases from the Sydney Craft Fair. I'm so happy with what I bought, especially as I managed to get everything on my "wish list".
Of course Anni Downs new book was high on that list... but the kits that she was selling were too hard to pass up as well. I can't wait to make the little turtle pincushion.

We were laughing when we discovered that between Helen, Jenny and myself with all our purchases from Anni's stall we could set up a stall of our own.... we had so many lovely things! More kits from earlier books and also 2 fat 1/4s of Anni's new Christmas fabric. It's pink and gorgeous!

The kits are brilliant as they contain just about everything you need, including buttons and trims. I'm itching to start on these....
2 Japanese fat 1/4s (the blue has cute little owls on it) and a fabulous lacy zip.
Cute little notebook and key charm kit from Marg Lowe. Adorable owl purse and a gorgeous lace purse and embellishment pack from Miss Rose Sister Violet ... I loved this stall so much, I could have bought everything on it.
Love this vintage bag with the birds on it. This was a "had to buy" as I couldn't carry everything that I'd bought lol!!! I found this cute little blue willow tin and it just jumped in my bag!

Some fabric.... cupcakes and vintage cupcake panel, some measuring tape (love this stuff) with cms and inches... and some cute twine.(love this stuff too!)
Beautiful charms.... the middle Eiffel Tower is full of bling....
The cute little sewing machine is actually a thimble (just for show of course)
See? I told you it was a thimble.
My new mini quilt holder... This was on my :"definitely have to find" list...
How could I resist these?.... Eiffel Tower scissors from the Scissor Man (perfect for my French inspired Stitchery case)... I'm hoping to turn the smallest charm into a fob to attach to the scissors.
I also bought not one, not two, but three scarves!!! They were so lovely and soft and lacey... and being so light - perfect for Queensland winters.
Phew.... What a haul!!! Can't wait to make a start on those kits.... have already been wearing the scarves...quilt holder is up, waiting to be filled....AND fabrics are away waiting for the "right" project to come along. 
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Photos... Photo a Day Challenge - June

 Day 14 - Time
Time to fly to Sydney!
Day 15 - Yellow
Center of the quilt that won "Best of Show" in Sydney.
Day 16 - Out and About
Shopping at The Rocks, Sydney
Day 17 - In my bag
It's my new shoes I bought shopping with Lynda in Sydney!
 Day 18 - Something you don't know about me
Since I learned to type in High School, my fingers type every single word I hear. I don't know I'm doing it unless someone sees my fingers moving, and tells me!
Day 19 - Imperfect
Cracks in the paint.
Day 20 - Fave photo I've ever taken
 Day 21 - Where I slept