Monday, May 7, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 7.5.2012

Making me happy this week is this absolutely gorgeous gift I received in the mail. The lovely Melody sent me this gift and I fell in love the second I saw this cute little face.
This sweet little bear (who I've named Melody) has beautiful sparkly fur and the most angelic face.
There were lots of other lovely things in my parcel as well ...
Beautiful fabric, a gorgeous little stitchery and threads, a wonderful wooden heart button and lots of little chocolate ladybugs (which have long gone he he)
Thank you so much Melody for this beautiful parcel and my sweet little bear.

You have made me so happy (and over the moon with your thoughtfulness). 
Also this week we went out for dinner for Jacks 18th birthday and I just wanted to share some photos of the night. We went to our favourite steak restaurant, the Norman Hotel, and Jack was keen to have the biggest steak there on the night. 
To our surprise they are doing a 1kg steak challenge at the moment and, you guessed it, Jack ordered one!! I could not believe how big it was and I really thought there was no way he could eat it all.
Notice the sleeves have been rolled up!!!
To achieve the honor he also had to eat all the salad, the baked potato and bacon and the bread roll.
It took him an hour and a half - but he did eat the whole thing!!!! I was so amazed. He will never forget his 18th birthday. It was so much fun. I was sending photos to my mum and my sister in law throughout the evening, giving them updates and keeping everyone informed of his progress.
Best of all he will have his name permanently added to the 1kg Steak Challenge Honour Board.....and will surely give him something to rib his dad about, every time we eat there from now on!!.
What's making you happy this week?
I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!!
Teresa xx


shez said...

OMG look at the size of that steak,lol,well done Jack,thats a mighty acheivement.
How cute is that little bear and how sweet is our Mel,what a lovely parcel to receive,two very happy lovely ladies.xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow that is some steak..hollow legs are needed for that one. Love the Norman Hotel. Beautiful gifts from Melody and little sparkly Melody is just gorgeous.

Marilyn said...

That is ENORMOUS !!!!!
I dont know how you managed it, but good on you Jack for achieving it.
Your Melody bear is so beautiful. Such a lovely little parcel of goodies.

Susan said...

Oh boy! I cant imagine eating that much steak - let alone all the extras! Lovely presents you received.

Lynda said...

I love the story of Jack's birthday dinner.

sunny said...

That is the most adorable bear I've ever seen! And I can't even imagine eating that much steak. How did he feel the next day??

Melody said...

So happy you liked your present. How did Jack feel the next day?

Mistea said...

The package from Melody is delightful - she looks like a cheeky bear and right at home with you.
Well done to Jack that is some feat.
Enjoy your week.

marina said...

very sweet gift from Melody!
that 1kg steak is a whopper.
I am amazed he can move after all that dinner. Boys and challenges!

Merilyn said...

Such a cute little bear for your collection Teresa, Melody is just so sweet!!! My goodness! Jack outdid himself LOL!!!