Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pot Holders and Possums

Remember the potholder swap I was telling you about at last Tuesdays Quilters Picnic?.... well this is the potholder I made for the swap.
This is the back and it has a second layer that you can slip your hand into for easy holding of hot things. 
I really like this idea... think I'll be making all my pot holders like this from now on,
I have also made another tote bag and made this one for the picnic to put all my purchases in he he!!!
This fabric is absolutely gorgeous. A lovely friend of mine (thanks Virginia!!) showed me this great online shop that specialises in French inspired fabrics. I already knew how much I loved the fabric, as it's the fabric I've used in a Faeries in my Garden cushion...But this one is a thick, sturdy linen blend fabric.... perfect for a bag.

Now to possums.... we have 3 of them living in one of our sheds..... A mother and two babies.
They are not my husbands favourite animals as they leave his shed in such a state... they knock things over, leave bad smells and other little "messages" everywhere.... they make him very unhappy.... but they are so cute. Jack took this photo of one of the babies sitting amongst the hoses, just watching us and wondering what we're up to. They are not afraid of us at all and are very tame.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great idea with the pot holders....Possums, they are so cute, and they always come back....!!!

De said...

Excellent idea for the pot holders and your bag is great - can see that getting lots of use!

We have possums here too and whilst they are cute are also destructive in the workshop and not very cute when they decide to come inside

Fiona said...

what a great idea for the pot holder.... I heard the quilters picnic was fun... and a lovely bag - lots of room for treasures...

Susan said...

Possums are such cute little rascals, but not very good tennants! Love your pot holder idea, and the bag is gorgeous. I'm sure it will get lots of use.

Mistea said...

Very chic shopping bag you made - glad it got in some practice at the picnic.
Great pot holder, that pocket is a very neat idea.
Enjoy Saturday.

Melody said...

I love the little possums in my garden, luckily they live in the trees

Merilyn said...

What a neat little pot-holder, I like the style of it!!! Your tote is gorgeous, love that fabric! Such cute possums, they are such sweet animals, luckily they can't get into my shed, but they sure love to run around on my roof LOL!!!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Great pot holder and your French tote is very chic. We have a family of Possums too. We have moved them on so many times but they always come back and find another way in. Ours have crawled into a space below our floorboards....we leave them in peace now. We are going to try and build a possum box when we get time. They are so cute though.

Joy said...

Cute poss! We have a mandarin tree and the possums love to come over and have a feast. They leave lovely tidy empty shells all over the place lol.
Guess what ... My friend won your gawjus pot holder and she loves it :o)!!
Joy :o)