Monday, April 16, 2012

What Makes Me Happy 16.4.2012

 Making me happy this week is all the lovely French/Paris/Macaron goodness everywhere I look. 
After enjoying my friends PERFECT macarons at Easter, 
imagine my surprise when this months Homespun arrived and it was full of Macaron deliciousness!
 It also has lots of lovely things to make with a French flavour. Including this gorgeous quilt by Kris Meares of Tag Along Teddies.
I've bought some Rouenneries Deux fabric and hoping to make something with it very soon. I just love this range so much.
Then I found this lovely canvas that called out to me and wouldn't let me leave the shop without it.. What could I do???

Now to something that made me laugh out loud this week....
 I picked up Jack from work and he had something he was given that he really wanted to take home with us. It did NOT fit in the car, and even after disassembling it .... it still took up most of the car and the boot.
What was it?????
It's Jacks new wash basket!!!!!!
I'm just hoping this means the washing will actually make it into the "basket" and we'll be able to see the carpet in his room again..
I can only hope!
Hope you have something making you happy and laughing out loud this week...
Have a good one!!!


Sandi said... definitely need a photo of Jack either in his mug or using his

Fiona said...

The macaroons all look lovely.... how fun is that wash tub... looks big enough to bath in!

shez said...

love your french inspired post Teresa and Jacks cup so funny.xx

Susan said...

Jack's laundry basket made me laugh out loudly!

Lea said...

omgoodness that is one huge washbasket! funny!

Karen said...

There is definitely a great sense of fun in that new wash basket. Good luck!

Jantine said...

Great! I would love it in my room if I was a teenage boy...