Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac Day (Part 2)

This is our local Anzac Memorial today. 
I wasn't sure if my Dad was going to be able to march today, as he is on a trip to Darwin and presently in Mt. Isa at the moment.
Maggie has just sent me this wonderful photo of my Dad this morning... just before he marched. 
Wish I'd been there to see him, but getting this photo sent to me means so much as well.


Marilyn said...

So good that you received the photo. Anzac Day is always full of nostalgia for me as my Dad was always involved in organising, marching, taking part in the services, the visit to the cemetary to take flowers for the graves of ex service personnel. I am also grateful that that part still takes place and today someone will have placed flowers on his grave, because we cant be there.

shez said...

so glad you got this pic.xx

Vicki said...