Monday, November 14, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 14/11/2011

I had an idea for a post today all worked out, but then I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise of a bunch of roses and I had to include them too...Making me very happy today are these beautiful roses... just for me... for no reason... just because.How gorgeous are they? and what a lovely surprise.
My husband had to deliver some things to a friend early this morning and drove past a rose farm.How very lucky for me. They smell divine and the whole house is filled with the beautiful scent. I just love roses! What a nice way to start the day.Now my original post was to show you this cute little guy and how owls are making me happy!
Owls are so popular at the moment... but I have loved them for ages.. so today I'm sharing some owl happiness!
A couple of weeks ago I visited my favourite antique shop and I found this wonderful teapot. I couldn't resist him, being an owl, and the shape of him is just ALL cuteness.
He also mixes in very well with the rest of my blue and white willow! He's perfect.
Oh and he makes a great cup of tea and pours nicely as well.Quite a few years back I painted this blackout box. The original pattern had one large barn owl on it... but I saw these cute baby owls, loved them, and painted them on it instead.
The box (usually) holds candles and matches inside and is used in case of a blackout. It has been used on many occasions over the years!
Another of my favourite owls is this little necklace I bought in Greece. All it's feathers move and it's eyes are made with Greek lucky eye charms.
Last year I found this amazing blog... they had a free owl calendar that you could make for yourself. You had a choice of different owl artworks to use to make up your own personal calender. They are doing it again this year and the pictures and paintings are just gorgeous. If you want to make a calendar for yourself... you will find it HERE.
On the "owl" sewing front... I have made more of these owl pot holders. As I was cutting them out, I kept thinking of someone else to make one for... and so I made another 6!!!! These 5 are flying off elsewhere...
but this time I made one for myself...
One of my blogging friends who I sent off a potholder to is using hers for a mug rug. I love this idea.. I think it's much nicer than a potholder he he!!
Now, my all time absolute favourite owl is the tawny frog mouth! The reason I wanted to do this post in the first place. We have had a pair of tawnies visit us every year for many, many years. They make a nest every year in the same tree and have their babies. They are back again right now and although I can hear them... I am having a lot of trouble seeing and photographing them as they are very camouflaged and quite high up in the tree this year..
This picture is of one I saw at a retreat I went to last year.
I love them and I think they are just gorgeous. They sit on our fences here at home and let you walk right past them... they don't seem to be bothered by people at all.
Okay enough owls!!!
Hope you are all having a Happy Monday!
Have a great day!


Karen said...

What a great collection of owls!
Love the teapot - so much character.
I am really impressed with your painting. The owls and flowering gum are stunning. You are a very talented lady. Gorgeous jewellery and you know the pot holders are just perfect!!

Sarah Lou said...

Lucky you!!!! I love just because flowers - my favourite kind! Love the owl collection - the pot holders are stunners. Are they your own pattern?

Melody said...

Happy Monday to you too. What a gorgeous post - I love owls.
PS Love the Christmas look for your blog too.

shez said...

what a lovely owl post Theresa,whow what a great hubby you have,beautiful roses,lucky you

retdairyqueen said...

Love everything in this post
You are a very talented all rounder Your painting is lovely

Leanne said...

Gorgeous Owls, the pot holders are so cute.

Scottish Nanna said...

Gorgeous Roses you have A very thoughtfull Husband. I love all your blue and white Dishes and the owl teapot is just great.
Hugs Mary.xx

katrien said...

What a lovely roses you've got.
And the collection owls,great.
Have a nice time.

Marilyn said...

That was a gorgeous post about your owls. Such a cute teapot, and the potholders are gorgeous. I can see why you are making so many, they look addictive.
Lucky you having such beautiful roses. Enjoy them ! Well, I know you are, you dont need me to tell you that. lol.

Michelle Ridgway said...

What a wonderful wake up call! I love all your owlies and you are quite the talented painter there Teresa. I love the Tawnies and their camoflauge is just so wonderful. You were so lucky to get such a great photo. Lovely post.

Susan said...

Everything is so lovely - and what a gorgeous man to bother to stop to get flowers. (I hope they last well)

73mw said...

I love your owl collection! The painting on the blackout box is gorgeous and I love the potholders too. Beautiful bunch of roses :o)

Cattinka said...

There is something funny about owls, they make so many people happy!

Merilyn said...

Your owl decor is quite lovely, I do love the owl teapot!! who would have thought, but there you are!!!
I've never seen a black-out box before! You did a great job with the painting, I love it!!!
Just goes to show, no man in his right mind would just drive past a rose farm without taking some home to is best girl!!!!

KAYLEE said...

Your new owl teapot is awesome Teresa, good find :-)
Cheers Kaylee

marina said...

lovely flowers! All those owls are just gorgeous. I love that blue and white tea pot it's so different. Your painting is so beautiful too.

Dianne said...

Those tawny frog mouths look so cute and fluffy. They have really inspired you:-) Pot holders are gorgeous, roses diving and I love how you have given your blog that lovely Christmassy feel. you are one creative lady!! Di.

Lea said...

Ohhh beautiful roses..beautiful thoughtful!
Lucky you Teresa:)

Tatkis said...

We have so much in common :)) roses (love them!) and owls (love them too!) :)))
Your teapot is soooo cute, and all the potholders! Have you seen a cartoon about owls?

I'd love to see a real one someday :)


Mistea said...

Beautiful collection of Owls there - that tea pot is so cute. Glad you kept one of those pot holders for yourself this time.
The tawny frogmouth is a very relaxed bird - lucky you having them living at your house.

Khris said...

OMG I am so envious of your owl's, love, love it...hugs Khris

Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

Hoooot Hoooot!!
Beautiful owls.