Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

I am playing along with Melody again today and sharing my "Tuesdays Treasures".
I have had 3 lovely little deep set frames around my house for many years. All three of them have been filled and painted by my eldest son. They are full of little treasures and have in turn become my treasures.
This one he made in 2000 when he was 9 years old. He loved painting and gave all the frames a wonderful distressed look by cracking the top layer of paint. This is blue and white, filled with little shells he's found. He also made the little boat in the middle out of sticks and hessian. The photos are of himself and his younger brother the day they spent at the beach, collecting all sorts of wonderful "treasures".
This frame is a couple of years later and was made as a memento of our trip to Cairns and the day we went to the Great Barrier Reef. The photo in the frame shows the boys in front of the boat we traveled in out to the Reef. It was an amazing day with the boat trip, snorkeling, visiting Michaelmas Cay and it's coral beach and having a wonderful view of the reef through a glass bottom boat.
These frames are in my bathroom which has some more of my "beach treasures" that I've made and collected over the years..... like these seagulls I painted.This little beach house that I painted and distressed, holds cakes of soap. The old fishing reel we picked up in an Antique shop at Port Fairy on our wonderful trip along the Great Ocean Road.This wooden tissue box painted with shells was one of the first things I painted when I did folk art, many years ago.
The last frame I want to show you was made by James in 1999 when he was 8 years old. At the time he was going to Scouts and learned to tie all these knots. He painted the frame in red and blue and distressed it. Each knot is tied perfectly and attached to the frame. The little signs are the only things he didn't do himself, and they are iceblock sticks!
He entered this frame in our local Show in the Arts and Crafts section. Not only did he take out the childrens category, but Best of Show as well. He received ribbons and a Certificate but he was much more impressed with the cash prize that went with it!
I'm off to see who else is sharing their treasures today.
Have a great day!!!


Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Love your frames, talents seems to run in your family. That knot collection is a true treasure.
Happy days.

shez said...

Teresa i love the idea of what you have done with the frames they look fantastic,well done a great idea

marina said...

what beautiful frames. Absolute Treasures.

Mistea said...

Fantastic treasure - these frames and contents are beautiful. Perfect reminders of a previous time.
Great bathroom decorations.

Sheila said...

All so interesting and your bathroom must look wonderful!

Tatkis said...

Such beautiful sea-themed treasures!!


Melody said...

Such gorgeous nautical themed treasures. Your boys never cease to amaze me, so talented in so many ways and I love how much they love their mum.

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your sea themed collection. Your frames area real treaure.The knots are amazing.

KAYLEE said...

The frames and memories are wonderful Teresa. Cheers Kaylee

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh Teresa, you really do have the most precious treasures..

Merilyn said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful little works of art Teresa!! And what an impressive win with the 'knots' creation!!!!