Monday, August 1, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 1.8.2011

What's making me happy this week.....
Love, love, love this photo!!!
I didn't realise how big those snow boards were... I guess I thought they were like skate boards!Over the last couple of weeks I've been lucky enough to receive some lovely parcels and surprise gifts. I won this wonderful package of goodies from Melody. Along with the cute pattern for the Doggy draft stopper was some "doggy" fabric and some yummy chocolate lady beetles (lasted all of 5 seconds!). Melody also sent me a ticket in the Kilmore Quilters Quilt Show raffle for a gorgeous quilt... fingers crossed for that one. How thoughtful is that? I love my prize Melody, thank you so much!
My Mum has just been to New Zealand for a couple of weeks and these are the lovely things she brought back for me.. I love the little Kiwi thimble... and the cute little bag with the feathers on it. There was also a tiki and a little puzzle in there! Perfect gifts as always! The wine was a gift for our Wedding Anniversary.
Thank you so much Mum... You know how much I love them. My little thimble now sits with my little Blue Willow thimble and the lovely thimble from Paris that Joy gave me... Does 3 thimbles mean I've started another collection????
This was also a wonderful surprise that I received in the mail from my lovely blogging friend Katrin. I wasn't expecting this at all, so I was completely blown away with the lovely gift.
Katrin has made me this cute little teddy named Tria.
This is one, very well traveled bear! Katrin lives in Germany, but Tria was made on her trip to Greece... So she has been all over the world, and now she is living here in Australia. I just love her. She is so cute and has the sweetest little face. I can't believe Katrin has crocheted her! The wool is so fluffy it looks like fur. If you go HERE you will see some more photos of Tria and another little bear that Katrin has made. They're so cute!
Katrin also sent me these lovely mementos from her trip to Greece. Some gorgeous hand made lavender soap in a beautiful embroidered bag and a cute little magnet from Rhodes. I just love them Katrin and I can't thank you enough for your generosity. You are such a thoughtful, wonderful friend. This was such a lovely surprise to receive.
What's making you happy today???
I am very lucky to have such thoughtful, wonderful friends and family who never cease to amaze me with their generosity. They all know me so well too!
Hope you are having a Happy Monday!
Enjoy every second!


Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Oh my goodness that little Teddy is just so damn cute. Enjoy and Happy Monday to you,

Mum said...

My gorgeous daughter, finally I have opened the computer, first time since I got back from NZ, it has taken me 2 hrs just to read your blogs & comments from 28th June, wow you have been so busy, I am such a lucky Mother, love the Journal cover & Bali bag absolutely gorgeous, thankyou, have loved our "Special Days" together too. So glad you have met up with Tatyana, she looks so lovely. Love the little Lace & antique purses, so so beautiful. Katrin's little bear is so cute love the eyes, you have such lovely friends, but I can understand why, you are a beautiful friend, & daughter. Thankyou for choosing me as your Mother, love you so much.

Mistea said...

Lots of lovelies there. How cute are those doggies and that bear! Lucky you.
Three could constitute the beginning of a collection - at least thimbles are small.
Enjoy all your pretties.

shez said...

what a lovely happy post Theresa

Tatkis said...

What a lovely goods and surprises!
The bear is sooooo cute, love it!
And I have a little thimble collection (just need to find time and a proper place to make a photo :) )


sunny said...

What great surprises! I love the little bear - would never have guessed that he was crocheted.

Cattinka said...

Hi Teresa,
this post makes me very happy today!

retdairyqueen said...

What a lovely relationship you have with your Mum
Great gifts
I guess you have to be a friend to have friends and you obviously are a good one

Marilyn said...

Love the snow pic, Wow he does look like he is enjoying himself.
Tria is the cutest little bear, just gorgeous. From the photo it is hard to realise that he is crocheted - looks so like fur.
You have such special friends because you are a special friend to so many - it comes back to you.
Hugs. Marilyn xx

KAYLEE said...

Lucky you Teresa, lots of wonderful gifts. I have maybe a dozen or so thimbles I started collecting over 20 years of our travels in Australia (I have never been overseas and hope to remedy that one day) and also some thimbles from overseas my Mum has brought back from her travels abroad. Cheers Kaylee

Melody said...

Great goodies for a lovely person and very well deserved.

Val said...

What wonderful gifts. They are all great but the bear is the cutest.

Merilyn said...

I was amazed when you said that cute little bear was crochet!!! It certainly is a cute little thing!! lovely gentle face! Lovely gifts from NZ and great doggy fabric!!! You sure did have a great Monday Teresa! Your son looks as if he is having the time of his life!!!

rosie said...

Hi Teresa, just scrolling down to comment and I read your mum's comment.. so beautiful... I have the same relationship with my daughter and feel so lucky, so blessed....
Love the photo of your son, and all your lovely gifts..xx

rozhearts said...

Hi Teresa, another lovely post to read. I wish I could do as well at posting however I do enjoy reading others. Your son looks so happy to be doing what he loves. The comments from your Mum were just so sweet it is very special to be great friends as well as mother and daughter.
(((HUGS))) Roz.

Margaret said...

Seems that we are all in accord -- The crochet bear is just lovely the expression is priceless, lovely post.