Monday, August 29, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 29/8/2011

After doing so well at his Schools Sports Carnival last week... we were off to the Districts Carnival on Thursday and Friday.
I just love this photo... it's of Jack straight after he won first place in the Triple Jump.
He not only won ... he broke the record!!!
He's pretty pleased with himself and I was grinning from ear to ear as well.
He also won first place in the 400m running and got a third place in the 200m.
Well done Jack... I'm so proud!!!!
We had a lovely family day yesterday and most of my family were there for the barbecue. My Mum is heading off next weekend and it was great to all get together and spend some quality time with each other before she goes. My brother even came up from Melbourne... Sooooo good to see him. This will be the last time the family will be together at my Nanna's house. It has been sold and the house will soon be removed. It is going to be a relocatable home and the land will have flats built on it. I'm so glad the new owners didn't demolish the house like they did to the one next door. This has been my Dads and my Uncles home since they were born. They grew up and lived in this house since 1945. It was a great idea to have the family lunch here and I love the photo of all the boys (My Dad's at the top of the stairs) at the front of their house.

Hope you all have a great day!
Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Back....

I haven't been able to get to my computer for the last few days...I was one of the many unlucky people to get a good dose of the flu (well flu-like symptoms anyway!). Everyone I know seems to have it at the moment and I thought I'd managed to avoid getting it... No such luckl!!!
Now I am definitely on the mend and I really didn't want to miss my What Makes Me Happy post this week as it was very important....
So better late than never....
What Makes Me Happy 22.8.2011
This is my youngest ... ready for his schools Sports Carnival. Don't you just love his red Morph suit? He takes his Sports Promoter duties very seriously!!!!
This is Jacks 5th and final year of High School. Over the last 4 years he has achieved Age Champion for sports at his school. It's been his goal to achieve Age Champion for all 5 years.
Unfortunately though, 3 days before the start of the Carnival, Jack had his foot run over by the car (Yep!!!! I'm up for Worlds Worst Mother of the Year Award!!!)
No broken foot or toes, but a very swollen, bruised foot meant running, and jumping weren't going to be easy.
I have to say, this boy of mine put his whole heart and soul into the sports... running, high jumping and long jumping. He absolutely wrecked his foot the first day as he tried to run on the side of his foot that wasn't hurt and managed to get blisters on the good side!
On his last day of the carnival, I was called to the school to pick him up....
He was in a wheel chair, unable to walk or even take his shoe off. He had only managed to NOT compete in one event (high jump) and not finish the 100 m sprint. He did however compete in everything else.
I told him he deserved Age Champion on passion alone!!!! Overall he came first in the 1500 m, 800 m, 400 m, both relays, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, plus a second place in the 200 m.
On Monday I got a phone call from Jack, from school..... He received Age Champion. I don't know who was happier, but I am certainly very proud as well.
Now he has 2 days of District Sports Carnivals... we will have to see how he, and his foot, hold up.

Another thing making me happy this week.....
I'm so glad the Abominable Snowman costume arrived safe and sound and in time for James' Fancy Dress Party. How good is this??? I think it was the perfect costume for the snow! I'm hoping to see a photo of him snowboarding in it!!!

Hope something or someone is making you happy today!
I've spent the day with my Mum for her birthday and it was lovely.
Happy Birthday Mum!!! xxxx

Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Sign, a New Project and a Recipe

I found this sign at a stall at the Ekka last week and fell in love with it.
I loved the saying, the way the sign is put together with all it's little 3D elements and that it has an Eiffel Tower and a butterfly on it. Sold... it came home with me!!!!
I have made a start on another project. This is a Faeries in My Garden pattern that I have had since last Christmas. It's a beautiful Christmas stocking, full of embroidery in pastel pink and cream threads, with a touch of gold. It has lace embellishments and beautiful snowflake charms to add to it. It matches the decorations I made last Christmas.
I have made a start on the toe of the running thread, whipped with gold. My friend Helen is making this at the same time as me... I love it when she suggests making things at the same time as it really encourages me to keep going (even when there is sooooo much embroidery I start to wonder "What was I thinking!!!!!")
I love the show "The Block" and a couple of weeks ago they had a cooking challenge. The winning sisters made this delicious Chicken and Corn Chowder dish. It looked amazing and sounded like something we would love, so I googled the show and found the actual recipe.
You know it's a winner, when everyone goes back for a second helping and there are no left overs! If you want to try it too, go HERE for the recipe. It's lovely and quick!

So.... what are you up to this weekend?
I hope you get to spend some time doing what you love!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Last week for Tuesdays Treasures with Melody I showed you a little doll that my sister made for me. This week I want to show you this little treasure that belongs to my Mum.
I had forgotten that my sister had also made my Mum a Topsy Turvy doll. After seeing my post last week, Mum had these gorgeous little dolls out to show me... all of them handmade by my sister.Mum's little doll is different to mine and has so many cute little details. The "happy" doll is holding a lovely little portrait of her beloved John. She even has tiny little pearls around her neck.But the "sad" little doll is just heart breaking! On her skirt lies the opened envelope that says "To Mary". She has tears embroidered down her face.The letter she's holding says...
I love thee
no more.
She's even holding a little lace hanky!
How sad is that?
My Mum also has this wonderful little group of Indian dolls that my sister made for her. There are so many minute details. Even a little baby!
This one has lovely little beads and feathers in her hair. The lovely clothing, blankets and even the food all made by hand. All the fabrics my sister has used were fabric samples from my Dad's furniture business.
I just love them.
Hope you enjoyed my Mums treasures today.. I'm off to see who else is sharing their treasures!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 15, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 15/8/2011

What's making me happy today?.....
The Royal Brisbane Show (fondly known as the Ekka) is on again.
This post is very late as we have literally spent the WHOLE day there!Every August the show is on and we always have a lot of fun...
It's when the country comes to the city!!!
I have been going since I was very, very little and I still enjoy it.
No show is complete without one of their famous strawberry ice creams.
Jack and I enjoyed a Greek platter for 2 for lunch! So good!
The quilt display didn't disappoint and I just loved the work and exquisite detail in this one.
Each block was a miniture piece of art. It was beautiful.
I also loved this one... It was a very tiny quilt, so you can imagine the size of the pieces in each block. So much detail ... again!
This was our locker at it's fullest today..
Lots of showbags, yummy food (including macarons and licorice)
and of course the obligatory soft toy (won from one of the games in side show alley)
When night fell we headed into the showgrounds to watch the ring events.
I love this part of the day.
Full of delicious food ... feet aching from walking all day...
and totally enjoying every second!
The best part....
The fireworks.
Another wonderful day at the Ekka....
Now I'm off to bed as I am totally exhausted.
You know that saying....
"A child who goes to bed, tired from play... Is a happy child"
That's Me!!!!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic

Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their Picnic!!!
I'm joining up once again with Melody and having a Teddy Bears Picnic today.
Joining me are some very special bears.........
This is Tria... you may remember her from an earlier post. This beautiful little bear was made for me by my wonderful friend Katrin and has traveled all the way over from Germany to be at the picnic today. Isn't she cute? She's going to love the picnic.
Also joining in today is Harry. A few years back I worked in a craft/quilting/haby/fabric shop where we also sold bear making supplies. Through that I met a lovely lady, Julie Reynolds. That same year Julie entered a beautiful bear she'd made in the Brisbane Bear show and her bear won First prize.
Well this little guy, Harry, is another one of her beautifully made bears and I just couldn't resist buying him. He looked so sad in his little scruffy clothes.
I love the way she has put so many details into this bear... right down to the holes in his feet!... stitches in his ears and down his tummy. I love him.
Also there today is a bear I made, many years back. He is a Teddyworks pattern and his name is Tootles.
This is what they're eating today... Mini oreo cookies... of course!!!
It was hard not to eat they myself!
It's a gorgeous day.. perfect for a picnic.
The bears are going to have fun.
(As you can see Katrin, Tria is fitting in very nicely!!!)
I wonder who else will be at the picnic today.
I'm off to Melodys to see...
Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some Finishes to Show.....

I have finished my "Tis The Season" quilt by Natalie Bird. It's full of little Christmas stitcheries and gorgeous fabrics chosen by my favourite quilt shop owner Tess. I just love the fabrics in this quilt.
I made this quilt as part of a Stitch-Along group organised by Chookyblue. I am very grateful for the inspiration and support of all those involved for me to finish this quilt and enjoy the journey along the way (and before Christmas too!!! - I'm very impressed!) Thanks everyone... I really enjoyed making this quilt.
Earlier this week I saw this cute mug rug on the wonderful "Freebies for Crafters" blog. I really wanted to make it and I've used the lovely fabrics I won from Peg through Opam. It has a lovely little tea bag appliqued down the side. If you want to make it too, you will find the pattern link HERE.
I'm very happy with the way it turned out and it was nice and easy to make... I'm thinking they would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas, so hopefully there will be more to show soon....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

Today I wanted to share this little treasure of mine. It's a little doll that my sister made for me, many years ago.
She is completely sewn by hand and I just love the little hand embroidered face. Don't you just love her hair?..... Just wait till you see her hair when she turns inside out!!!!!
See? She's a topsy turvy doll... When you turn her inside out, she changes from happy to sad.
Now I really love her hair!!! I think she is just wonderful and I love that my sister made her just for me and put so much time and love into her. The fabrics in her dresses are very familiar too. I wonder if they're left overs from Mum's sewing days.
LinkI've photographed her inside a tea cup so you can see how small she is. I just love her and she sits inside my glass cabinet with some of my tiny teddies....
always with her happy face on!!!!
I'm off to Melody's to see who else is playing today.
Happy Tuesday!