Friday, July 29, 2011

Too Much Socialising... Not Enough Crafting....

Yes, I know exactly why my crafting has been very slow of late!!!! Too much socialising and spending time with family and friends... And you know... It's been WONDERFUL!!!
I have been trying for ages to take my Mum to a little shop called Shabby Streak, at Brighton. Finally, we got there, and we were in Heaven!!! The first thing I saw was this sign.
Mum was very happy... the place was filled with butterflies.. so a couple of them went home with her to live with the other few hundred that live in her bus!!! They were so beautiful. This shop is just full of gorgeous, beautiful things and you could spend hours just wandering around and looking at everything.
We bought each other these matching gorgeous silver bangles. They say...
"LIVE ...... as though heaven is on earth"
How lovely is that?
Of course I was very happy too, as the shop was full of lovely French things as well. I love this little book Mum bought for me! We had so much fun!
We then had a delicious lunch at Cafe on the Park, on the waterfront at Shorncliffe.
What a great day... Mum will be heading off soon to continue her traveling around Australia, so days like this are very, very special!
Today was another, exciting, wonderful day. Today I met for the first time a lovely friend, who I met through blogging a while back. When I first "met" Tatyana, she was living in Russia...... So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out she was moving to Australia for a few years!!! Not only was she coming here, but she was going to be living only an hour away from me!!! Today we met up in the city and she was EXACTLY as LOVELY as I KNEW she would be!
We did a little shopping and indulged in what we both love.... crafting and books!!
Then we went to the Pancake Manor for lunch... It was really good and we both ate Pancakes with cherries and blueberries... mmmmm!!!
Tatyana makes the most beautiful beaded pieces and gave me this gorgeous pale lavender beaded fob... with a cute little silver shoe dangling from the end. I love it!!! It's attached to my scissors already.
Thanks for such a great day Tatyana... I really hope we get to do this again soon!
This blogging world is amazing. I've been very lucky over the last couple of years to meet so many wonderful friends through blogging. Like-minded, kindred spirits!
Hmmm.... now I'm sure I've got a couple of blocks I'm supposed to have finished for this month... July's not over yet is it???
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Maree: said...

What a Better Day than shopping at Shabby Streak with your's a Gorgeous Shop...
Lovely that you have met another Blogger & noticed you took her to your favourite place for

shez said...

lovely post Theresa

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Such a great time for all of you. Isn't it great when you find a beautiful shop. Meeting up with fellow bloggers is so much fun.
Enjoy those final few days of July.
Happy days.

Mistea said...

Spending time with family and friends is a lot like creating - great for the spirit. Enjoy your new goodies they sure are pretty.
The pancakes look delicious - mmmmm now I want to go get pancakes!
Enjoy the weekend.

rosie said...

Lovely that you could spend special time with your mum and tatyana....blogging friends are the best...

Joy said...

Ooooh I just LOVE that shop too, can't wait to go back. Looks like you and your Mum had a lovely day. And what fun to meet up with Tatyana, isn't it great being able to meet bloggy friends face to face :o)!!!
Joy ;o)

Lounging with a Latte said...

Sounds like you've been having a great time. Love the look of that shop and your bracelets are beautiful.

Marilyn said...

I LOOOVE that shop, so full of yummy goodies. I am not surprised that you found lots of treasures to buy.
Always special to meet our bloggy friends. Your scissor fob is beautiful.

Merilyn said...

What a great day out!!! Love having really girlie days with family/friends and love shops like that too, they really are fun!! How lovely to meet a fellow blogger, especially from so far away! Glad to you took her to the pancake place! I'll will really have to go there when I get to Brissy next!!! looks to good to pass upLOL!!

marina said...

I am sure you were in retail heaven in that shop. I love the bracelets you and mum bought.
Wonderful that you met another bloggy friend and from so far away!

Fiona said...

That is one gorgeous shop isn't it?? When we were there in March
I could have bought so many things If only I could have gotten them home. Hugs - Fee XX

Tatkis said...

Oh, this shops really looks like heaven! :)) I'm sure I could spend there hours (or days?)

And thank you so much for our meeting - so fun, interesting (and yummy too :) ) time!!


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness Teresa, how glamorous is your MUM!!! a bit of a bombshell isn't she!! And that shop looks gorgeous!! I love the big shabby happiness sign, and I love the bracelets too - just perfect and lovely to have one each!

It is so lovely that you got to spend some time with our friend Tatyana from Russia, you are right about the blogging world, I have so many people I would love to meet, special friends and kindred souls.. The beaded fob she made you is lovely, you can think of her each time you snip!
Hugs to you Teresa!
Jen xoxo

KAYLEE said...

WOW Teresa, what a wonderful day you had, firstly with Tatyana and then with your Mum. Cheers Kaylee

Jantine said...

Your mum really looks like you but just a few years older ;-). It is great you had some time to enjoy together!