Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teddy Bears Picnic and Some Finishes.

Today I have some very distinguished guests going to Melodys Teddy Bears Picnic. I decided to give my Steiff bears some fresh air and I think they were very happy to be out of the glass cabinet! It has been a few years!!!
My first Steiff bear I adopted from a store in Stuttgart, Germany. I always wanted a Steiff bear and this one really appealed to me as it was a very typical, early style bear. His yellow tag in his ear, shows that he isn't particularly rare and there were many made like this one. Later on I discovered it was the bears with the white tags in their ears that I should be buying!
I became a Steiff Club member as I knew the following year (2002) was the 100 year anniversary of Steiff. Each year I was a member, I received a cute little "members only" bear complete with tags in their ears.
The next bear I adopted was this very special Australian inspired Steiff Bear named "Penny". She has our Australian flag embroidered on her foot and an original Penny coin around her neck. I just love her!
Doesn't she have the sweetest face?
Finally along came the 100 year Anniversary Bear. She is very traditionally made and I think she's just lovely too.
One thing I really fell in love with when I was in Germany was the many nutcrackers we saw there, especially the beautiful hand made traditional ones. When this bear became available, complete with his own nutcracker, I knew I had to adopt him too. He has the most startled look on his face! But I think he's still cute!
Along with the Anniversary bear was this book. It's full of information and photos and follows the history of Steiff bears from 1902 to 2002... so interesting to read and the pictures in it are wonderful.
I wonder who else will be at the picnic today?
Now finally on to some finishes!!! A very special teacher of Jacks has just had a baby boy, so Jack asked me if I would make him a dolphin for the baby. How could I say "No" to that???
I made him in some bright, funky Amy Butler fabric.
I have also finished my first 3 blocks in the "Tis the Season" Stitch Along. These are really lovely little stitcheries and I am really enjoying the stitching!
I am off to a Quilt Retreat this weekend and I haven't packed or have anything ready yet to go! Nothing like leaving it all to the last minute! I am really looking forward to having a break from work and having someone cook for me for a change will be so appreciated!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will see you next week.. hopefully with some more finishes!


KAYLEE said...

Your Stieff Bear collection is wonderful Teresa, where do you keep all of your bears ?? Love the "Tis the Season" blocks plus RED is my fav colour :-) Where are you going for your Quilt Retreat weekend ? Cheers Kaylee

Michelle Ridgway said...

Your Steiffs are gorgeous. I am very jealous as I only have 1. I love the aussie one. Cute dolphin and lucky baby.

Fiona said...

Your bears are lovely Teresa - Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful time at your retreat - Looking forward to seeing what you get up to.

Hugs - Fee XX

Susan said...

Very gorgeous bears - and I am sure they enjoyed the lovely day. Lucky you to be off and away - hope you get heaps done.

helbel19 said...

They are wonderful bears Teresa and they do look as though they are having a great time. Wow finished blocks for the SAL... hmmm what about the GJ ooops shouldn't have mentioned that should I? Tut tut lol

Helen (the naughty one)

Jennifer said...

Great blog! I collect teddy bears and have steiff as well. Your collection is so sweet and there is nothing better than a teddy bear picnic! I'm going to go and add myself to your followers, I enjoyed your blog so much! Jennifer

Karen said...

Hi Teresa. You have a fantastic collection of Steiff bears. They are all great but of course I am partial to the Aussie bear. And I have learnt something new - I didn't know that the buttons of different colours related to rarity.
Great dolphin gift, too.
And I am so enjoying seeing all the blocks from stitcheries!!!

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Loved all your teddies Teresa...they all look so soft!
You've done very well with all your finishes....the dolphin is cute! Have a great weekend!

Mistea said...

Your bears look like they are having a wonderful time out enjoying the sunshine. Thanks for introducing us to your special little collection they sure are a sweet bunch. I think the startled looking one is my favourite.

Lovely DeeDee Lucky baby.

elliek said...

What a fantastic collection of bears. The dolphin is so cute and I'm sure the baby will love it

Vicki said...

Wow, you must have bears at every turn, Teresa! How gorgeous they all are. Have a wonderful retreat - look forward to hearing about it and seeing lots of piccies of things other than food - oops that should have read as well as food, LOL

Rochelle said...

Ooooo, Steiff bears, they are just gorgeous. I sometimes drive up to a store near here and dream about bringing a Steiff home with me one day. I think I will have to keep on dreaming - or I can just enjoy looking at yours :-)

Your dolphin is adorable too.

Melody said...

Your bears are magnificent. Every one is completely charming. The dolphin is very sweet too. Thank you so much for coming on the picnic and have a wonderful weekend away.

Merilyn said...

What a grand Teddy Bear's picnic!!!! All your bears are wonderful and have such personalities. Love the information about their history etc. Have a great retreat!!!

BronwynB said...

Wow you have been so busy. What a lovely array of finished goodies. Love the steiff collection. I think Penny is my favorite her face is just adorable.

Cattinka said...

What a nice teddy bear collection. I like them all, even the one with the big eyes. Your finsihes look good to, you have been busy. I wish you a good time at the retreat and I am sure you will get a lot accomplished there.

Jantine said...

Incredible bear collection. Hope they enjoyed their picnic!
Love the dolphin too!
Have fun this weekend!

Selina said...

Oh, I hope you have some other luggage?! Have a great weekend!

mandapanda said...

Love the teddies! I collect Beanie Bears, maybe I should join in on a few Teddy Bears picnics and show them off!?!
Love your dolphins, they always look so beautiful!

Sheila said...

Wonderful bears , I went to a doll museum in Switzerland a few years back and there were lots of Steiff bears ,I love them . Your dolphin is so sweet and I am sure was a beautiful gift to receive . Love your red work as welll , you have been really busy ,enjoy your retreat , sure wish I was going too ;-)
hugs Sheila

rozhearts said...

Your teddy collection sure looks like they are enjoying the fresh air and the picnic. You certainly have a wonderful collection.
The doldin is beautiful and what a gorgeous gift for a baby.
(((HUGS))) Roz.