Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cyndi, a New Shop and My March Finishes!

Last night I was lucky enough to see Cyndi Lauper in concert in Brisbane. I saw her quite a few years back and last nights show was just as good, if not better. She sang a lot of songs off her Memphis Blues CD as well as many of her famous hits. It was a brilliant show and I could have stayed for hours more listening to her and her wonderful Blues band.
She really knows how to get the crowd going and they loved her. She even got right in there, amongst the audience on quite a few occasions. It was a terrific night.
Today we had a sneak peek at my friend Tereasa's new shop (Homespun & Beautiful)... opening very soon! There is already heaps in there, gorgeous fabrics, patterns, buttons, books... My kind of shop!!!
There is so much room and a big workshop area out the back - great for us to do some stitching and quilting!
Look at all those gorgeous fabrics! It's all very exciting and I'm so glad it's only 15 minutes away from home!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
Now I can show you some of my finishes from last weekend's retreat (some will have to wait until April as they are swaps and gifts). Firstly I made my MIL a block keeper. The fabric has the names of quilt blocks all over it and I thought very appropriate!
I have a tutorial HERE if you want to make one yourself.. they are very handy! This is the block keeper rolled out with another Tis the Season block on it, which I also finished!
One of the ladies at the retreat had a really useful steering wheel cover being used in her car and I made one for myself. My car (being black) gets very hot in the summer and sometimes I can't even hold the steering wheel, so this will come in very handy. It just slips over the wheel!
I must have know something as I only bought these 3 fat quarters the day before and that is exactly what I needed to make the cover.
Remember yesterdays photo of the pink and cream squares with flowers embroidered on it? Well those bands became the top of this pretty cosmetics bag that I also made. It's a Faeries in my Garden pattern and part of their Gift of the Month that I am currently in. It was a bit fiddly to make, but well worth it in the end. Will make a lovely present for someone????
And finally, I also finished (completely) my Lynette Andersons quilt "My Garden".
I backed, and quilted it this weekend and put the binding on... Nice to get this one finished!
Phew! I'm exhausted ha ha!
Finally my Opam finishes is looking a little healthier.
Hope you are all having a wonderful, creative week!


Vicki said...

You have been a very busy girl. Tess's shop looks great - will definitely have to make it there next visit to QLD.

Roseanne said...

Wow you have been very busy I do like the steering wheel cover. Tess new shop look great. May be we all mite to have a visit to the shop one day. I also love the name.

susiloci said...

Que bonito el jardín de Lynette.
Unas telas maravillosas.

Lynette Anderson said...

Looks like you all had a great time at your retreat and got heaps of stitching done too. Your My garden quilt looks lovely, well done for finishing it x x

marina said...

Well done on your finishes!!
Handy having a shop like that so close. You can pop in any time! that could be dangerous.

Maree: said...

Phew is right..You have Been very Busy with all your Lovely Finishes..
where is the New Shop...might need to come for a Drive..

Sue W ♥ said...

I must agree, the shop does look great but closer means spending more money on the things you love, what a shame LOL.
I have to make one of those steering wheel covers, a lot better looking than the foil one's, I also have a black car and even with the windscreen visor the steering wheels gets hot.
Nice finish on My Garden, it looks lovely when it's all finished, must get onto mine.

Fiona said...

Gorgeous stitching Teresa. Love it all especially the bag - Yummo !! And I just love Cyndi Lauper - Love her speaking voice almost as much as her singing voice.

Hugs - Fee XX

Merilyn said...

I love how your 'My Garden' blocks turned out, they are really lovely!!! My! you have been a busy girl!!! all those wonderful finishes! The new quilt shop looks very inviting, do tell where it is!! I have some time off over the next couple of weeks and a trip to Brisbane is on the agenda, apart from a visit to my favourite quilt shop, another stop would be very exciting!!!

BubzRugz said...

Lovely finishes... all are great... and Lynettes quilt is such a lovely one....
Nice to have a shop so close for those times you run out of thread .... and just need a fat quarter or three???

Joy said...

Lucky you seeing Cyndi Lauper live, I reckon she's just fabulous :o).
Love all of your finishes, especially the quilt!! Tereasa's shop looks sensational, I can't wait to see it .... where is it???
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Dianne said...

Congratulations to Thereasa on her new shop. This will be so handy. Too handy?? What the heck, at least you get things done and finished. The steering wheel cover is a great idea and yours is really swish. Cheers Di.

Kerri said...

You have had a wonderful time lately. Great finishes and fantastic new shop around the corner.

Cyndi Lauper, wow. She looks great and what a great concert to go to.
Whats on the agenda next??

Mistea said...

Sure is one very sweet bag you made there. Nice steering wheel cover and great finish on the quilt. Perfect for Autumn.

Lynda said...

Some beautiful finishes there Teresa.

Melody said...

Wow, you have been so busy, what fantastic work. I'm still working on "my Garden". Yours looks wonderful. Clever, productive you.

mandapanda said...

Love the steering wheel cover!! We have one (it's not very nice though) and it doubles as a blanket for the lizards when we find ourselves out late and they need to go to bed. I've gotten some sweetie pics of them in it. I'm sure they'd love one like this though!! Sounds like you had a great time at the concert! awesome! I told my Dad you got to go to TopGear and he was so jealous! "Half her luck!!" lol
You should lend Teresa some quilts to hang on the walls of her shop! It would brighten up the place and show people what they could make too!!
The My Garden quilt is awesome!! I love Lynette's designs! I have her book 'quilting cats and dogs' and it is so awesome!! One you would love too!

Jantine said...

Love the block roll, just had someone in class this week who wanted to make one and I directed her to your blog!
Love the steering wheel cover. Do you also use it when driving?
Must say you really got a lot done!