Friday, February 18, 2011

My haul from Melbourne

I've been very slack in getting around to photographing some of my purchases from my trip to Melbourne. Finally I can show you what I bought from that gorgeous shop L'ucello..... (of course as soon as the camera came out, the ever faithful Squeaky was there to model for me!!!)
L'ucello was full of antique and vintage haby as well as a lot of beautiful new linens, patterns and books. I couldn't go past this beautiful patchwork linen, some matching braid, a cute little felt needlecase pattern, some old linen thread and a wonderful floss holder from Paris.
I fell in love with all the old buttons and I had a hard time choosing. I just loved the un-perfect shape of the hand-cut shell buttons.
When I was in Melbourne the time before this trip, my brother took me to a wonderful Japanese shop in Elwood called Ebisu Japanese Design. I really wanted to go again. As well as many, many beautiful things to buy in this shop, the owner also stocks vintage kimonos and fabrics. If you go through them, there are many 100 % cottons with gorgeous designs and even hand painted designs. As you can see in the above picture, the owner, Miho, wraps everything beautifully.
When my eldest son was little he would fold and make paper cranes and leave them all over the house. I bought him a lovely little porcelain crane which doubles as an incense burner. His is green and I bought another one in pink.
This beautiful painted wooden piece is a traditional Japanese passport. It is a protective charm for safe travel and prosperity. I thought this was a great little gift for my son, who is off overseas in a couple of weeks.
While I was in the city with Marina (checking out L'ucello) we found another wonderful shop that sold tiny, little porcelain miniatures. We both bought a little blue and white teapot each and you can see how tiny it is by the button beside it in the photograph.
It fits in nicely with my other blue and white, and willow pieces.
Every time I look at it I will remember my wonderful trip to Melbourne.
Now to make something with that gorgeous fabric and buttons.....
Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!


Sue ♥ said...

what a lovely collection, all unique, can't wait to see what you make from them

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

You certainly got a lovely haul of goodies, I especially like the little teapot.
Happy days.

Melody said...

So glad you had a great time in Melbourne and took home so many lovely things. L'ucello is one of my favourites too.

rozhearts said...

A lovely collection of special treasures. Hope you were not overweight in your luggage. Thanks for sharing.
(((HUGS))) Roz.

Cattinka said...

You brought beatuiful things home to remember your trip to Melbourn. And Squeaky is so cute, I wonder if all cats love new fabrics, or if they are just jellous that we pay so much attention to our new treasures.

marina said...

Squeaky is so cute, my maisie likes to show up for a photo shoot too.
Love the little ceramic crane and kimono fabrics.
Your little teapot looks at home with your other blue and white treasures.

shirley said...
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Dianne said...

Hi Teresa, I just posted under Shirley's blog instead of my own, so deleted it. You are really whetting my appetite with the gorgeous things you bought in Melbourne. Can't wait to visit those yummy shops. Squeaky has very good taste too obviously, wanting to be associated with L'ucello!! Di.

Merilyn said...

What gorgeous treasures, I especially love the vintage buttons, I have a bit of collection as well, but a girl can always do with a few more!!! I remember how wonderful Melbourne shops are when I lived and worked there several years ago!

mandapanda said...

Yay Squeaky!!! I love what you bought! Good haul! Can't wait to see what you make with the fabric! When is James leaving?
I've been finding so much second hand Blue Willow stuff lately! I'll have to get it all together and take pictures (now that my camera is back, since yesterday! Yay!!!!) and Big W has a brand new china set of Blue Willow for almost $60. I took some pics for you but couldn't get them off the camera (as it was sent away for repairs.) But now it's back I can send them to you!

Kim Hurley said...

Hi Teresa,
so glad you had a lovely holiday and it was great to meet you at l'uccello. Thanks for spreading the word, happy stitching!! Kim