Monday, January 3, 2011

What Makes Me Happy 3/1/11

I have to do something... (other than take random photos while I wait for hubby "patiently" in the car in the hot, hot sun!!!!!)
Last year I enjoyed my "What Makes me Happy" posts so much and I am considering doing it again this year- or maybe a Gratitude Journal - and I've realised I would miss these posts too much if I didn't do something along those lines.
So without further ado (and for the time being).....

What makes me happy today is....
I have finished making the curtains for my Mum's bus.. woo hoo!!! Now I just have to deliver them (that will also make me happy!)
It has been very hot and humid here today, but we've just had another storm and the weather has finally taken a cooler turn... another happy!!!
I also wanted to show you the gorgeous Christmas present I received from my wonderful friend Virginia (unfortunately no blog... must work on that!)
We share the love of all things French and she has made me a beautiful wallet in french fabric and also sent me a lovely chic french tea towel (not to be used of course!!!)
Sorry it's not a particularly great photo... but the zipper has a little gold fleur de lis attached to it. She is so thoughtful and her attention to detail is amazing. I just love it!!!
Every time I look at it, it makes me happy!
Also making me happy today is the fact it's school holidays and I got the chance to sleep in this morning after working all night. Not having to take Jack to school is making me very happy (and not sooo tired)
I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!


Cattinka said...

I am glad you are continuing your "what makes me happy" posts, it is fun to learn more about you.

marina said...

Lovely of you to share your happiness!
Definitely a lovely purse and tea towel.
We have been having good weather too. Sunny but with a lovely cool breeze. Better than the 40 of NY Eve.

Selina said...

Wasn't today disgusting??! Complete right off for me. Loving your Parisian wallet, and also glad you'll continue your Monday "happys", they make me happy!

Jane in Wales said...

Nice to read what makes you happy! I hope you don't live anywhere near the floods?
Oh yes, and I did post the recipe for 'oliebollen' on my blog. Thank you for your comment. I agree that they are nicer to eat than to make, and since my hubby makes them, I am very happy to eat them!
Your French wallet is lovely.

BubzRugz said...

Always fun to read your happy mondays... hot and humid here today... had a few spots of rain... your french wallet is great - I can see why you love it so much...

Susan said...

Good to see you back on the
e-waves - blogging about Happy Mondays. Apart from the yuk weather I have been sewing most of the day - that makes me happy! Love your wallet and I also like that "eye for detail"

The Rusty Teapot said...

Teresa I love the fabric chosen for your mums curtains! Ive been waiting to see them! love that blue! Gosh your friend is pretty clever making a wallet! It's so... Je suis Enchante Chez VoooVooo!! ( that's my bad attempt at French lol)Keep on being Happy Girl!

Marilyn said...

I also am pleased you are continuing 'what makes me happy' (if just for a time). It is always a bright spot on Mondays, and a reminder too of how much we have to be happy about.
You are ahead of me on the curtain making. I have some cut out and pinned, and another 3 lots not started yet. Love the wallet and tea towel. What a lovely gift to receive.

Cardygirl said...

Great pic & I love the french inspired stitching!

Joy said...

You know I love your 'happy' posts ... and what a lovely friend Virginia is - that wallet is super gawjus!!
Joy :o)

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Love your French gifts, the wallet is gorgeous. Your Mum's curtains look funky! She will love those brightening up her life. Happy that you will continue your happy posts. Di.

mandapanda said...

Oh good, I enjoy you doing these posts! Love the colour of the curtains, and that wallet!!!! Wonderful!