Saturday, December 18, 2010

Catching up.....

Finally I can show you some things I have been working on for my blogging friend Amanda. I had to wait first to make sure she received them... and then I lost the internet!!! It has only just come back on today and I'm sure all these storms we've been having has had something to do with it.
Amanda sent me some of her gorgeous stitcheries, some Christmas ones and some cute little owls. I made the Christmas stitcheries into this quilt.
Amanda's stitcheries are just so beautiful. She does the tiniest little stitches and they are just perfect.

The little owl stitcheries I made up into a little wallhanging.

Aren't they cute little owl stitcheries?
There were a couple of panels to be made up into cushion covers and cat doorstops. Another stitchery of a lion and lamb I made into a bag and I also made one of my stationery folders.....

I thought she might like this colourful frog fabric!
This is the stitchery Amanda did for the bag!
Okay now, on the food side of things.....
This is what my son made for dessert last night!
The perfect dessert when it's hot and humid! Rocky road ice cream!
I usually chop the marshmallows up into small pieces, but I wasn't saying anything, when it was made for me! To ice cream you add chopped nuts, marshmallows and chopped up Cadbury turkish delights (the multi pack of single turkish delights is perfect for this). Over the top you pour chocolate ice magic (the type that sets hard when it hits the ice cream!)

We have been experiencing some major storms over the last few days and yesterday we were inundated with rain. It has been so crazy with the weather lately, you never know what it's going to be like when you wake up in the moring.
I hope everyone is coping with their crazy weather and gearing up for Christmas.
I hope to be back on Monday, if the internet doesn't disappear again!
Hope you are having a great weekend,


Mistea said...

Such pretty goodies you have made. That lion stitchery is gorgeous - lucky you to get to play with those.

Desert now that looks and sounds wonderful. Our ice cream weather has taken leave today which is probably a good thing I may just achieve something!

Hope you get a break from the rain soon.

BubzRugz said...

I saw those on Amanda's blog - she is so pleased with them... and they are lovely - great work... I think I just am in love with those owls.... and that froggie fabric....
Rocky Road icecream.... mmmmmm

Susan said...

That ice cream looks sooooooooo good - and I love those little Christmas stitcheries.
We have had internet troubles as well - the smae storms I think!!

Selina said...

No t.v and no internet make Selina go crazy.


Anita said...

Hi Teresa, Well you've certainly been very busy and I'm 'hooty'over your owl quilt. They are so gorgeous. The dessert your son made looked devine, I might try that myself tonight after tea!! Talking about the storms, over my side of Australia, up north, a town called Carvarvon had a whole year worth of rain in one day. Unreal!! Hope it doesn't get to hairy your way with the storms. Take care. Kind regards, Anita.

Cattinka said...

I like everything, but I like the owl quilt the best.

Lynda said...

Lots of beautiful stitching/sewing there and the ice cream does look delicious. The other day when talking about Qld weather, someone said to me "beautiful one day ... soon". Thought it was funny.

Lounging with a Latte said...

Wow, you've been busy with all those stitcheries, they look great. That rocky road ice cream is a great idea, will write that down for another thing to make for Christmas and beyond!

Jane in Wales said...

Your stitcheries look wonderful! How nice to have such a yummy looking desert made for you..!
I had heard about hail in NSW, and heat-waves just before that.
Here in Wales we look out on a white world, and it is very cold.
Take care,

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Your boys are great,the desert is lovely and I presume calorie free seeing it is Christmas. Oh the owl wallhanging is divine.
Happy days.

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

That frog fabric is awesome. I love froggies!
The owl stitcheries are great too..I like what you did with them.
And your rock road ice cream looks YUM. I'd chop up the marshmallows too but I'm sure Kev would it as is. He LOVES his icecream!

mandapanda said...

You know I love them right? Such a fantastic job, I am still speechless whenever I look at them! I have gotten so many comments on the bag, it isn't funny!!
I hope you have an awesome time with your Mum!! Hugs!