Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beautiful Things.......

What a lovely surprise today at my stitching groups get-together! Four houses all finished.. now we have a village!!! (One house is still under construction - there is a bit of trouble with the builder!!)
I'm sure the fifth house will be finished soon!

I also wanted to show you the absolutely beautiful little parcel I received this morning in the mail. I found this amazing blog called Home and Heart. The wonderful Jody was having a few give-aways of the most gorgeous handmade jewellery I have ever seen. I didn't win the Bliss bracelet, but I still had to have one for my own and Jody made me another one to purchase.
This is how the bracelet was wrapped up when I opened the parcel. It was so pretty and tizzied up that it was almost a shame to open it.
I had to keep taking photos, as every layer was even more beautiful than the last. This is the gorgeous little decorated box the bracelet was in.
Jody even added a beautiful little charm and card... How gorgeous is this?

Finally the beautiful Bliss bracelet. Full of little old world charms and delicate pearls, beads and buttons.
I absolutely love it Jody and I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to unwrap it. It is so beautifully made and all the little extras just made it so special. You must go over to Jody's blog and see all the gorgeous things she makes. She is one very talented lady!
Lots of pretty things today!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I hope you are all so very proud of your houses..they truly are a work of art...and that bracelet, wow, Jody is one talented girl..

BubzRugz said...

What a fantastic village.... I wanna live there.... and so I can wear those beautiful dresses too (but not in Qld heat!!)... they are so good - well done to everyone who made them.... bracelet is so pretty - no wonder you wanted your own!

Cattinka said...

The needlewomans cottage village looks so nice. You got to make the lady whos cottage is missing finish hers!
Your new bracelet is very cute, and you are right it was very exciting to see unpack, good thing you took so many pictures.

marina said...

The cottages are just divine!
A very pretty bracelet. Lucky you!

Marilyn said...

The cottages look beautiful - such an achievement for you all, includidng the almost finished one.
Your bracelet and its wrappings are simple gorgeous. I will certainly head over there to check out Jody's work.
Thanks for sharing such beautiful treasures.

Melody said...

Hi Teresa, Thanks for sending me to Jody's blog, it's gorgeous. And speaking of gorgeous, that is exactly what your cottages are.


Que preciosidades!!!! besoss


Julie said...

cute houses teresa, although perhaps that naughty builder needs to be sacked?
gorgeous bracelet - shame i don't wear silver.

Susan said...

What a lovely sight to see them all (almost) completed - better crack the whip on the tardy builder!!. And a very lovely bracelet as well - as you say almost a shame to unwrap it.

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Are you still teasing me with your house?? I really REALLY need to buy that pattern!! I'm off to check out your link. Very pretty package :)

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Oh that is a lovely village. Hope the final home gets finished soon. Such a lovely parcel.Love the box it came in.
Happy days.

Jantine said...

How fun to see all those houses together!
The bracelet is very beautiful indeed!

Aunty said...

I love the village. The houses all look gorgeous. The bracelet is beautiful.

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

All the houses look so cute together. Well done to all the 'builders'

helbel19 said...

Love the photos Teresa, we did do a great job of the houses didn't we ? The bracelet is beautiful as well as the packaging.


Home and Heart said...

You are TOO sweet!! I am tickled you like it! THANK YOU!!