Monday, September 27, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 39

Soooo many things making me happy this week. I started off with one thing to talk about today, and it has just kept growing... so please forgive the heavy photo post!!!
First of all, what's making me happy is where we live. Yesterday we went for another loooong drive in the car. We drove to Nanango, about 3 hours from home. The countryside is just beautiful. They have had a lot of rain and everywhere it is green! But I love the scenery all the way, the mountains, the trees, the farming land... and Wivenhoe Dam... It's all so beautiful.
Just look at the gorgeous reflection in the still waters of Wivenhoe!
On the way up we stopped at Esk, another beautiful little country town. I've always heard great things about the Antiques shop in Esk, and now I know why! If you are ever passing through or going to Esk, you MUST stop at this shop. It's HUGE and there is just so much to look at and go through!
And of course, I found SOMETHING to take home and put in amongst the others!

Another thing making me happy this week, is how much I love other peoples art and passion for what they do. We were very lucky to see the Swell Sculpture Festival at Currumbin, on the Gold Coast last weekend.
There were over 50 sculptures made of anything and absolutely everything! They went for a kilometre along the beach, some in the sand, some in the grass. They were AMAZING! I've only shown you 3 photos here, but I took a LOT more than that!!!
I must thank Amanda too! The day we were here, we couldn't find where the statues were! No one knew what we were talking about and the Information centre was closed. So I text Amanda (who lives in Rockhampton!!!) and she googled some info for me! Next thing I get a text back, with all the details we needed to find the statues... ha ha... Got to love technology and friends at home near a computer!!!
I also went to see this! The Cuban Ballet Company came to Brisbane and performed Don Quixote. It was wonderful! The dancers were beautiful and I loved every second of it. We went on opening night, so were lucky to see the Principal dancers perform, which was a definate highlight!
On the way home I took a photo of our Treasury Casino building all lit up in red lights. It looked fantastic! I love the city at night with all the lights!

Okay nearly finished.....
Whilst looking for photos for this post on the computer I found these two pictures. All my photos come up in date order, regardless of the year. These photos were taken on this day, exactly one year ago.

Me and my two boys. I love these photos and this was a very happy day for us..
It's still making me smile a year on.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday too!
Teresa xx


Fiona said...

Gorgeous pics of you and your boys Teresa and of course I just adore that jug :)

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Happy Monday - I love that second photo,the reflection is just beautiful. Lots to be happy about this week, another blue treasure coming home with you and of course the photo of your young men.
Happy days.

Jantine said...

Gorgeous statues, landscape and boys! I loved looking at all those pictures! They have really outgrown you!

Vicki ♥ said...

The pics of you and your gorgeous boys are fabulous :) No wonder they make you happy..they really are lovely pics :) I love your little jug and what a fab find?
hugs Vicki xoxox

Julie said...

ok, i have fingers and toes crossed that my comment works!
love the photos of you and your boys... they are priceless aren't they?!
did you notice if the gorgeous little antique/craft/gift store is still in nanango? i haven't been there in a few years, but have some lovely treasures purchased there.
julie :)

Julie said...

oh, lookie... it worked! LOL

Janice said...

I can see why it all makes you happy. Wonderful photos.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Beautiful scenery...looks like you had a fab time. Lovely family pics.

Robyn said...

Oh gee this is a wonderful Post Teresa!! I feel all warm and gooey and happy *grin*
Love the pics... stunning and love you and your boys... you're all so wonderful!!
I sure do love my kid too :-)
Have a fantastic day today xx

Anita said...

Hi Teresa, I just loved your photo's and the last two photo's were the best. How gorgeous. Kind regards, Anita.

mandapanda said...

Oh wow that is gorgeous scenery. I've heard of Wivenhoe heaps as the Pathfinders (a group, like the scouts, but far better and run by the SDA Church) have an Easter camp there every year. It's really big and gets over 3000 people every year, apparently. I've never been though.
Love the antique shop and your new treasure!!
You're more than welcome! Happy to do it!
Oh wow! Love the lights! Good picture too!
Is the first picture Jack (needs a haircut lol) and the second one James? Good looking boys Teresa!! And you're a gorgeous Mum!!

Jo in TAS said...

AAaaw, looks like those boys love their Mummy!

SheilaC said...

Great pictures..... especially you and your two handsome boys!

Lucky mom :)


BubzRugz said...

I had to comment again .... Another lovely read and great pics of you and your boys..... you came by not far from our place.......

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Just looking at this post has made me feel happy, Teresa. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Di