Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

Whoa.... nearly too late to play along with Clare with Tuesdays Treasures.
These are some very old Golden Books I've had since I was little. The bigger books have A Big Golden Book written on the bottom right hand corner!!
These were my favourites and as you can see, are very worn out from lots of readings over and over again.
The books were given to my sister and I from my Mums boss in 1966. Her children had outgrown them, so the books are older than that.

Peter Pan has 1964 written on the front page and a copyright date of 1952 printed inside the cover. This book has always been my absolute favourite. You can see that sticky tape is the only thing holding this book together now!
I just love books and these were read to my boys over and over again when they were little - just as my Mum read to my sister and I many years ago!
Thanks for reading my treasures post today... I am off to Clares to see who else is playing!
Teresa xx


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I remember all of those...what a lovely collection....

Melody said...

I remember these too. Sharing a love of books is a joy and I think a love of reading is one of the most wonderful gifts you can give.

Janice said...

It's great that you have kept your old books and they have been read by your boys. So many a thrown away.

mandapanda said...

I remember all of these! In fact, I think we still have some in the spare room book case!! Peter Pan was my absolute favourite too! Did you know that Walt Disney's Peter Pan was the first time (except for the original book) Peter was ever depicted as and played by a boy? In all the other shows and plays, Peter was a girl! lol
I love that you'v kept them all this time. Maybe your boys will one day read them to their kids too!!

Mistea said...

Not sure we had the same ones, but those books sure were popular in my family. Lots of memories in there.

Jenny said...

OOh! I used to have that Peter Pan book when I was little! I loved it too! Nothing like old books to bring back the memories!
Have a great week!
jen xo

marina said...

Oh my gosh, I have pinocchio, puss in boots, and peter pan stashed away somewhere too. In a lot worse condition as they were much loved. I especially liked Puss in Boots.
They are such treasures!

Susan said...

Unfortunately I don't have any from my childhood - though I am sure we had loads of them. But I have kept a large pile of Golden Books from when my daughters were young and also all the Peter Rabbit books. Hopefully they will become someone's Tuesday Treasures in many years to come!
Thanks for sharing Teresa.

Diann said...

What memories your collection brought back Teresa! My grandbabies have a lot of the books I bought for my own kids and even some of my own. As you say, all very well worn. I really enjoy seeing your treasures.

SheilaC said...

That is a wonderful collection of books :)
I have kept some of my kids' books, but not sure if any of my own are kicking around anywhere.