Monday, August 9, 2010

What Makes me Happy Week No. 32

What makes me happy today? It's Ekka time!!!
That's what we call our Brisbane show and every August we have 11 days of it! As a child I grew up going to the show every year and now my kids have grown up with it too. We love it!
We have so much fun and wouldn't miss spending the day (and night) there.

What do I love about the Ekka?
The strawberry ice creams.... the showbags... the baby animals...sideshow alley.....the fireworks....the fashion parades.... the food.....the ferris wheel......the nighttime entertainment....the quilts....the horses... the woodchopping... the car racing... did I mention the strawberry ice creams?????

We had the best day today and now I am totally exhausted!
I think I am going to sleep very well tonight!
Hope you all had a wonderful Monday!!
Teresa xx


Susan said...

Teresa - you sound as exhausted as I am after a day at a craft show! yes I agree the Exhibition is fun - though I haven't been for quite a few years. I would love to go and see the quilts and buy a trawberry ice cream or two and maybe a show bag or two - but the rides are all yours!

Jo in TAS said...

Can you still get a cup of cocktail sausages from the showbag pavilion? AAhh memories :-)
Do you remember when they had rock concerts on the last Friday night in the 80's, they were fantastic!

SheilaC said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! And similar to our County Fairs that we have here in the fall.

Hmmmm strawberry ice cream!


Bev C said...

Hello Teresa,

Glad you liked the show,saw a bit about it on Landline on the weekend. Love the doll in Tuesday's Treasure she is a real beauty. Have a great week.
Happy days.