Monday, June 21, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 25

What makes me happy this week? Going to the Art Gallery!
Last week I told you about my wonderful day with my eldest son, now this week I am very lucky to have had another equally wonderful day, only this time with my younger son!
I love going to the Art Gallery and in the last couple of years the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art have had some truly exceptional exhibits. The one we went to this week, is one I have been waiting and waiting to see for quite some time.It was the Ron Mueck exhibition and I gave my son the day off school and met up with my Uncle to see the exhibition and to spend the day in the city.
Ron Mueck creates the most amazing, realistic sculptures I have ever seen.
The above "Mask II" is my favourite and the detail is incredible.
You can see here how big it is.
Some of them are huge like the woman above who is lying on a bed complete with enormous doonah.
Others like these old ladies are small (about 1/3 normal size)
This poor rabbit was part of another exhibition (from New Zealand) we saw the same day.
After lunch at the Gallery we walked across the river into the city and went to the Markets.
It was full of wonderful fresh fruit and veges, breads, cheeses, seafood, and fresh pastas and much more...
We came home with dinner... 2 types of ravioli (one with mushrooms, olives and feta cheese the other with pumpkin, sun dried tomato and feta cheese), carbonara sauce, fresh cracked pepper fettucine, kalamata olives and 3 types of home made fudge!!!
Needless to say, dinner was quick and delicious that night!
What a great day.... Jack and I had the best time and enjoyed ourselves immensely.
If you live near Brisbane, the exhibition is on until 1st August and I would definitely recommend going to it.
Happy Monday everyone!
Teresa xx


Roseanne said...

The sculpturs look fantastic a lot of work went in to them. What a clever man he is. What a great day out with your son. He would of loved his day off school.

Sheryl said...

Wow that looks like a really interesting exhibition...
How yummy do your market buys look very fresh and tasty...

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa, You are so lucky to see those sculptures in real life. I have read about them. Your son would have learnt more that day than if he was at school. Love your market produce. Happy Monday.

Joy said...

The Ron Mueck display is incredible isn't it!!??! You really have to see his work to realise how absolutely life-like it is :o)!! The markets look great too ... what day are they on?? I've never seen them before. Looks like you both had such a fun day.
Joy ;o)

Cattinka said...

It is nice to hear that you had such a nice day with your son. How old is he? He is taller then you are!
The exhibition is really impressive and the food you bought looks delicious.

Catherine said...

Amazing scultures!! You are a good Mother...sounds like a wonderful day!! Cathyx

Asiyah said...

Wow! Those are awesome. Have a wonderful Monday!

SheilaC said...

Those huge sculptures are amazing!!

thanks for sharing the pics :)


mandapanda said...

Oh wow! I love the naked woman, she reminds me of Robin Hood and Merlin stories. And she's so realistic! That pasta looks yummo! Except for the mushrooms...I'm allergic!

Kayly said...

I've been to GoMA to see this exhbit as well. I was blown away by the incredible attention to detail in each one. He is truly a very talented man. Our galleries have been putting on some wonderful shows.

Bec said...

What a fantastic exhibition! Love the sculptures...amazing!