Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesdays Treasures

I know it's Wednesday and I am a day late. Clare has come up with this wonderful idea.....
I couldn't help but join in after looking at everyone's treasures. What a great way to stroll down memory lane. This particular treasure is something I have wanted to blog about (maybe in my What Makes Me Happy?) for some time......This is my Thumbelina Doll and she is just over 40 years old. I absolutely loved her when I was young and she is the only doll I have kept. As I had boys, I gave all my other dolls to my sister and nieces.
I still keep her in my little suitcase, which was my kindy port. It still has my name on it and the transfers that my Mum decorated it with.
My Grandmother was a wonderful knitter and she made all the clothes for my doll, including jackets and bonnets and boottees. The little outfit (pink pants and white top) in the bottom right hand corner is the original outfit.
She has a ring pull on her back that when you pull, makes the doll squirm and move like a real baby..... and guess what.... it still works. While checking this out I discovered my mum has written my name and phone number on her bottom in blue pen!!! Must have been because I used to take her to kindy (and everywhere else!) and in case I lost her.
I love her so much and I love that my Mum and my Grandmother are all caught up in the wonderful memories this little doll provokes.
Wow this was so much fun and I couldn't help myself... I had to change her clothes (ah! once a little girl, always a little girl!!!)
Thanks Clare for this great idea... If you too want to join in, you will find the details here....
Have a great day!
Teresa xx

Monday, June 28, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 26

Having this boy home again, safe and well, is the biggest thing making me happy this week!
All the boys are okay after their accident..... just minor bumps, bruises and scrapes.
This is James this morning in the bands t-shirt. They had a great weekend and I have spent the day, so far, catching up with him and hearing about all the things that happened over the weekend.
It's been wonderful!!!

This is the six very lucky boys in Melbourne.
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!
Teresa xx

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Early Bird Christmas Challenge and more...

Just in the nick of time I have completed some Early Bird Christmas presents for Judiths challenge.
As I work nights, my fellow work mates and I are quite often trying to catch up on our sleep through the day. So for Christmas presents for the girls at work I thought I would make them some funky (and quite pretty) sleep masks. The challenge was to use no more than 2 fat eighths of fabric. Inside the masks I have 2 layers of black fabric and 2 layers of thin wadding, so there is no chance of any light getting through.

I spared no expense on the model......
How good is he? Not too many teenagers would just drop everything to model my sleeps masks for a photo shoot!!! Nothing phases him!
Now on to a couple of finishes... The above is the latest accessory in Kellys Sew Along.
It's a mini makeup roll and such a great idea for all those lip glosses and small tubes of handcream, etc.
That's 3 pieces that all go together now!
Above is this fortnights Jelly Roll Quilt Along block.
And this block is for my on line group Friends in Stitching block of the month.
Can you believe it's nearly the end of June!!! Half the year gone already. Where has the time gone this year?
My eldest son will be on a plane home from Melbourne later this evening... and I can't wait to see him. I have a feeling I know what I am going to be happy about tomorrow for my weekly "What Makes me Happy" post!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
Teresa xx


I just wanted to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post regarding my son and his mates car accident. I am completely overwhelmed so many people took the time to comment and leave words of support and best wishes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
- I can't tell you how much this helped.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Longest Night

I just had to share with you something that happened to our family very early this morning and could easily have ended in tragedy.
My eldest son and 5 members of a local band are heading to Melbourne for the weekend to support an American band playing there.
This is very exciting for the boys and my son was asked to join them to be their photographer and to document the event.
Around 1.30 a.m this morning I received a text from James (I was at work) to say they were all on their way home to get some sleep before their mid morning trip to the airport. He said he would let himself into the house and see me in the morning when I got home from work.
Ten minutes later I received the phone call all parents dread and hope never to receive. The boys were driving along in their van when a drunk driver ran a red light and cleaned them up. He hit them with such force that the impact rolled the van. James was sitting in the back and this is the part that took most of the force.
The police were on the scene immediately and were able to stop the other driver from taking off. The next phone call I had with James was with him in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. He's had lots of tests and Xrays and seems to be okay. Except for feeling sore all over and a massive headache. The rest of the boys have a few scrapes here and there, some bruises to show off and (luckily - really) some seatbelt welts.
They are all so lucky to be alive and lucky not to have any serious injuries.
Remarkably they were talking today of finding wallets, phones and hats half way down the street and in the middle of the intersection.
I am so thankful my son and the rest of the boys are okay. I am so thankful they weren't doing anything stupid and they all had their seatbelts on. It could have been so much worse.

Just one day earlier we spent the day at Cedar Creek falls and had a wonderful day.
We were happy and couldn't imagine anything bad happening to any of us.
You have to make the most of every second of every day.
You never know what is around the corner.
Always tell your kids how much you love them! I know I told mine hundreds of times this morning!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something New and Some Finishes....

Look what was waiting for us on Tuesday morning when we got to our favourite Quilt Shop....These gorgeous little bundles.
They are the fabrics, threads, pattern and button for the nine part block of the month 'My Garden' by Lynette Anderson. Lynette is giving the pattern away free with the purchase of a gorgeous hand-painted wooden button. If you would like to join in the fun Homespun & Beautiful still has places available. Tereasa has already done the first block and it is soooo cute... if you want to see what it looks like, click here......

Keeping up with Bunny Tales bom "Snowbound"....
This little snowman is my favourite block so far.
This is the second item we've made in Kellys sew-along.
It's a cute little purse to hold all your little bits and pieces.

That's two pieces we've made so far.
In my online group Friends in Stitching I received for my birthday (last March) some gorgeous fabrics and some block patterns. Our challenge is to use at least one of the patterns and as much of the fabrics to make a mini quilt.
I've made mine into a table runner and I am very happy with it. What a great challenge this was... really made me think and I love the fabrics Kylie chose for me.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful, productive week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 25

What makes me happy this week? Going to the Art Gallery!
Last week I told you about my wonderful day with my eldest son, now this week I am very lucky to have had another equally wonderful day, only this time with my younger son!
I love going to the Art Gallery and in the last couple of years the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art have had some truly exceptional exhibits. The one we went to this week, is one I have been waiting and waiting to see for quite some time.It was the Ron Mueck exhibition and I gave my son the day off school and met up with my Uncle to see the exhibition and to spend the day in the city.
Ron Mueck creates the most amazing, realistic sculptures I have ever seen.
The above "Mask II" is my favourite and the detail is incredible.
You can see here how big it is.
Some of them are huge like the woman above who is lying on a bed complete with enormous doonah.
Others like these old ladies are small (about 1/3 normal size)
This poor rabbit was part of another exhibition (from New Zealand) we saw the same day.
After lunch at the Gallery we walked across the river into the city and went to the Markets.
It was full of wonderful fresh fruit and veges, breads, cheeses, seafood, and fresh pastas and much more...
We came home with dinner... 2 types of ravioli (one with mushrooms, olives and feta cheese the other with pumpkin, sun dried tomato and feta cheese), carbonara sauce, fresh cracked pepper fettucine, kalamata olives and 3 types of home made fudge!!!
Needless to say, dinner was quick and delicious that night!
What a great day.... Jack and I had the best time and enjoyed ourselves immensely.
If you live near Brisbane, the exhibition is on until 1st August and I would definitely recommend going to it.
Happy Monday everyone!
Teresa xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Denim, Christmas Presents and Girls Day Out

Continuing with Jennys Denim Challenge...
With the left over denim in my old jeans I have made this lunch bag.
I have used Insul-bright for the wadding inside the bag which is an insulated lining.
This should keep what's inside hot or cold as the case maybe.
My jeans had these great pockets on them and I really wanted to include one on the bag for smaller items (and also because I just love little hidey hole pockets!).
I also found these great snaps which were in keeping with the denim jeans look.
Another early Christmas present is this great little gathered clutch purse. It was quick to make up and is the perfect size for all your bits and pieces in your hand bag!
You can find the tutorial for this little bag here.

These are the last stitcheries for my Girls Day Out quilt...
This means I can finally start to put it all together!!
Woo Hoo!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive week.
Teresa xx

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 24

What's making me happy this week?
Cruising down LaTrobe Terrace in Paddington!
Last week my eldest son and I spent the day strolling down this wonderful street. I love all the wonderful shops on offer... a lot of the old houses in this street have been converted into wonderful little shops, with rooms full of hand made goodies, gorgeous home wares and more. There's also coffee shops and cafes, thrift stores and second hand wares, antique shops and the most delicious chocolate shop!

This is my absolute favourite Antique shop.. It is in the huge old Paddington Theatre... so you can imagine how much stuff there is inside!!!
This is inside and in the background you can see where the stage is.

I can't believe James wanted to buy this hat!!
You can see the gorgeous bright blue walls of the theatre and the old balconies are still there. The ceilings are so high and I just love the atmosphere in this place.
This is the yummy view in the chocolate shop. We had a few taste tests in here and of course we couldn't leave without a few purchases!!
Then a late breakfast/early lunch in my favourite little cafe - Java Lounge.
Best of all I got to share this day with my son and we had such a wonderful time!
Funny thing was, we only got half way down the street!!!
We'll have to do it all again and visit the rest of the shops!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!
Teresa xx