Monday, May 17, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Week No. 20

There are a few things making me happy today. Firstly I have been battling a migraine for the last 2 days, so waking up today with it almost gone, definitely is making me happy!
Secondly I am loving the cooler weather. Autumn is gorgeous here. Lovely cool nights and glorious days. The trees on the way to school are changing and the colours are beautiful.
I am very happy to pull out the flanelette pyjamas and ugg boots! All the beds in the house have an extra blanket on them now and we've started shutting the windows at night.
Thirdly I am very happy with the new banner my eldest son made for my blog
- Thank you James xxxx
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!
Teresa xx


Dawn said...

Love the banner, and yeah for winter coming... my favorite time of year....Hope the head gets better soon.... take care
Hugs Dawn x x x

Selina said...

The banner looks great! Sorry to hear about your migraine but haven't the last few nights been just divine! Might see you tomorrow yet, have to get some things from Tereasa's.

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa, So glad your migraine has fixed itself,that's what happens on a "Happy Monday"
James did a great job on your banner. I too am enjoying this Autumn weather. Have a "Happy Monday"

Sarah Lou said...

I love winter. its my favourite. love the pjs and teh fab header!!!!!!!!!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

looks good.........hope the migraine is gone

Mum said...

Being your Mother I can tell you, again & again, your headaches are caused because you don't get enough sleep when you work nights & try to survive on a few hours sleep, & thats what you do, you get terrible headaches, I have had my say. I thought I was on the wrong blog at first, looks good. Our temps, here in Karratha are still in the mid 30's & we think that is cool, we must be used to it, after the high 45 + temps we have had. Love Mum

Anita said...

Hi Teresa, I do hope your migraine buzz's off, they're real painful. Yay for the Autumn, it's getting cool here at night's and I just love the warm PJ's. Your young man did a great job on the banner. Kind regards, Anita.

Scully236 said...

I too suffer from migraines and can empathise completely. Glad you are feeling better.

Cardygirl said...

Glad you are feeling the new look!

helbel19 said...

Way to go Mum you tell her.... we try on craft days but she don't listen to us.

Love the banner.... I want one boohoo.


Rebecka said...

I'm glad your migraine is leaving. I always enjoy your photos because your seasons are the opposite of our weather, as we are just starting to get into our summer. Hope your winter doesn't last as long as ours. I don't want to see winter anytime soon!
Have a great week!!

Chartreuse Moose said...

Lovely banner and blog...I so enjoy browsing your posts! Hope the migraines go into hiding soon...just no fun! Friends have pointed me to Excedrin for a short term aid, but I'm sure rest might be the best answer!

Jantine said...

Your banner is absolutely marvelous!

Joy said...

Oh you poor thing!! Migraines are no fun at all :o(, glad yours is abaout gone now. Love the new banner .... cute kitty on the bed ;o).
Joy :o)

mandapanda said...

Poor thing, I'm glad your migraine has passed. I hate them! I had one a few weeks back I had to take strong medication for.
Wish we had trees like that here! All our trees look the same year round...but that's the tropics for you. We get some beautiful shows of flowers at this time though.
I love the cooler months too, except for the static in the air, and my nose bleeds because it's so dry. And I have to use leave-in conditioner or my hair frizzes. And I need to drag out the socks and slippers and the cats to use as hot water bottles. They make great hot water bottles as long as the claws dont come out! lol
I love the new blog look, very nice! Suits Autumn immensely!

SheilaC said...

LOVE the new banner with your pinwheel quilt!! Great job!

Glad your migraine is better :)


Shiree said...

hmmm banner not showing up for me...but I love all your work form your previous post, looking great!!!

Vicki said...

Hi Teresa....I love your new banner, it looks fab and I too am enjoying the snuggly feel of slippers and warmer bedding. I love your Pinwheel quilt and have now convinced me to do 16 blocks and not just the 8 that I was going to do. must have your sewing machine flat out to get all that you do done. Hope your migrain is gone now and it doesnt come back either.
Vicki xoxoxox

*karendianne. said...

Agreed - new banner - extremely cool!

hilary said...

Hello Teresa:
I'm from Spain and was havig a look in patchworker's blogs when I found yours.
I've been here like half an hour or more...
I like all your works, photograps and stories!
Congratulations for your works!
I'm new in this world but I've seen a lot of blogs and this is one of the most beautiful of them.