Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just in Time for Winter

This is my new quilt.... It's made in gorgeous, snugly flannel and full of roses. I already have two flannel quilts, they hang, folded over our lounge chair. Every night they disappear into the boys rooms, so I thought it was about time I made myself a snugly quilt to wrap around me!
Judith of Creative Studio has a brilliant idea to get us all motivated into making things for Christmas early in the year... It starts 1st of June, so hop on over to Judiths blog to see how you can start those Christmas presents early, instead of the week before Christmas!!
Every year I tell myself I am going to start making gifts for Christmas EARLY in the year, so this is just the inspiration I needed.

This is my Early Bird Christmas Crafting Journal...
all finished and ready to go.....Can't wait to get started!
I love the Santa and reindeer buttons and I was looking for a project to put them on!
I purchased them from Mothers Cupboard.

Last week we found this great (free) philly cheese cookbook at Woollies. It's full of wonderful recipes. As my youngest son is very fond of Oreo biscuits...this is the first recipe we tried...
Oreo Cookies and Cream Cheesecake!!!
It was sooooo goood!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
Teresa xx


Fiona said...

The quilt is lovely Teresa and the cheesecake looks divine. Ilove your little journal too - I must get a wriggle on and make mine.

Hugs - Fee XX

Annette said...

Everything on your post is beautiful! I love your quilt and how wonderful that it is snuggly flannel. Your journal is absolutley delightful. Very creative. And the cheesecake...beautifully yummy!

Cubby House Crafts said...

Your quilt is Gorgeous Teresa! And I love the very first pic that you have taken of it too!
Gosh our tastes are so similar...your journal is your not surprised that I have that fabric too!lol!
And that cheesecake is making me very yum!

retdairyqueen said...

What a delicious looking post
Quilt definately looks cuddly and I do love rose material
Journal cover is great
Do you know I have yet to make one One day

Sarah said...

LOVE your new quilt Teresa! Very girly! Will keep you warm this winter, NOT that you realy need it up in QLD lol
LOVE that cookbook too! I got it when I was in Qld last year, just found it here in the local Woolies early this week!
x Sarah

Lynda said...

Your flannel quilt is beautiful - they are always the first quilts to disappear on a cold night. I have the Philly recipe book but haven't made anything from it yet and I also had that angel fabric in blue years ago - was a favourite. Love your journal.

Vicki said...

MMmmmm.....Yummm that cheesecake looks so delish :) I love your quilt too...such gorgeous colours and it looks like it will be lovely and snugly. Your journal cover is pretty too. Hugs Vicki

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

It's certainly the time of year for a warm quilt & I luv the heritage colours in yours...cheesecake looks divine!!

Robyn said...

Oh Teresa, this quilt is soooooo beautiful and so verrrry me as well.
Do enjoy it and if you ever get sick of it, send it my way... giggle... I'll look after it for you ;-)

Keep up the wonderful work you're doing!! I'ts all so YUM!!!

Just love that quilt though and the colours!! Enjoy... Oh and the roses... Yummmmm!!!

Best go... might keep rattling on... grin!

Jan said...

Fabulous quilt, Teresa; your projects are always so lovely. And the notebook is gorgeous. Not sure if I will go into this programme as I will be away all of July but it is such a great idea.

Joy said...

Teresa that quilt is just gawjus!!! I love your pretty rosy flannies :o)!!!!
I'm going to have a go at keeping up with Judith's Christmas crafting too, what fun :o)!!
Joy :o)

Julia said...

Teresa that quilt is just beautiful I love your pretty rose flannels ...I need to get started on prezzies too..
Julia ♥

Mistea said...

Sure is a pretty quilt, love those rich colours. Stay warm.

We're just heading into birthday season in my family, I usually start thinking about Christmas once that passes.

I'm really liking the doily pictured with the yummy cheescake, that edging is just divine, the colours are perfect.

mandapanda said...

Oh gosh Teresa, that quilt is stunning! Well done!! I got a doona cover last year from an op shop for $8 that has the most gorgeous quilt fabric! Like, you know, has patches all over it so it looks quilted, but isnt? I have it on my bed atm!
Another journal! lol I get note books and cut up magazines, and paste the pics into them. I have a xmas one that's half full. I should probably make a cover for it...
Yummy oreo cheesecake....and I love the doily!!

Mum said...

Love your post, everything looks so beautiful, & lovely to see you are using the doilley Granny Angus made for Nanna, Love you & miss you.

Judith Tetley said...

ooooh I am seriously loving your 'Early Bird Christmas Crafting' Journal Teresa. It would be a pleasure to pick up and work from.
Well done....can't wait to see your first finished gifts.
Kind Regards