Friday, March 5, 2010

Captain Chaos & BOM updates

This week at my sons high school it has been Anti Bullying Week. Today they were asked to wear something bright orange to show their support. Captain Chaos (aka Jack) asked for me to make him and his mate bright orange capes!!!Something a little different to what I am usually making on the machine!I received these gorgeous fat 1/4's for my birthday from Fiona. She has been very generous with the fabrics and threads. I absolutely love the fabrics and am already thinking up projects! Thanks so much Fiona!
Now for catching up with my BOM's (actually 2 of them are BOF's!!! - fortnightly blocks!!)
These are the 2nd blocks of Rachels Pinwheel Sampler Quilt.
First block of my jelly roll sampler BOM.This is the 3rd block (Jacobs Ladder) for my Friends in Stitching BOM. I am thinking of redoing this one, as the contrast between the 4 patches doesn't show up too well.

If you get a chance pop over to Dawns blog where she is raising money for the people of Baseco, Manilla. She has designed a gorgeous bag called "Baseco Mahal Kita" ("Baseco I Love You") and all proceeds of her pattern go to the Baseco people in Manilla. The pattern is only US$4 - very little I think! I have supported Dawn in her goal to sell 1000 tote bag patterns and I am currently half way through making the bag now. I will hopefully have a picture soon to show you of my Baseco Mahal Kita tote!
Hope everyone is having a great day!
Teresa xx


Joy said...

He he ... how cool is Captain Chaos!!??! Great cape :o).
I love the fatties Fiona sent you, particularly the birdie one, it's just gawjus!! I'm gonna make the Baseco bag too, just searching through my stash to see what fabs to use ;o).
Joy :o)

Sarah said...

Great blocks there Teresa! You have been quite busy piecing havent you! Nice fq's too!
x Sarah
PS: love the capes, and he does really look like a Captain Chaos lol

mandapanda said...

awww, he's so handsome! I bet he loved being a little kid again and wearing a cape to school! Well done, both of you!
I love the pinwheels! That quilt is going to look fabulous once done!
I can see the contrast fine between the colours on your last block. No need to redo it, I think. Looks good!

*karendianne. said...

I refuse to leave without leaving a comment even though its 9pm and I'm ready for bed. What kind of excuse is that, ha? Not a good one except I'm prone to rambling comments. (1) loved the cape. Cracked a giggle. (2) Fiona seems like an extra nice friend to have! (3) I'm totally head over heels in love with your Jelly Roll sampler block so really that's A-#1 reason I had to most certainly stop. That Jelly Roll sampler BOM is pretty fun, ha?

I hope this was halfway decent. Just before bedtime, *karendianne.

Jantine said...

CAptain Chaos is Brave! Love your blocks. And I think you are right about the contrast in the last one.

Noela said...

Love your blocks Teresa. Have finally got my first 4 done of pinwheel sampler and almost completed my Jelly roll one. Photo tomorrow I hope.

Pansy said...

Oh my gosh look how handsome Jack has become, quite the young man, good on you Jack for participating. & how lucky to have a Mum that can sew & spoil you