Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi to my Mum! and thanks to Fiona!

This is my wonderful mum.... She has been (slowly) traveling around Australia for the last 7 years - it feels a lot longer. She has finally got herself a computer and now we can catch up with each other even more easily. Even better, she has been checking out my blog and seeing all the photos of what I (and the boys) have been up to. No more internet cafes and libraries, which is very difficult for her at the moment as she is in Karratha, Western Australia. Waaaaay on the other side of the country!!!
So "Hi" Mum, so glad you can visit when ever you like xx
Now onto some other news....
I started this hexagon quilt easily a good year ago. It is totally stitched by hand and I haven't touched it for ages. I thought I would get it out today and see how many more hexies it needs. Happy Days!!!! I think it only needs a couple more rows and then it will be ready for quilting!
A couple of blocks to show you....
This is the 4 th block in my Friends in Stitching quilt.
It's called Ann's New Years Eve Star.
Next, is my block for the Jelly Roll Sampler quilt.....
And now I want to show you what I made for dinner last night!!!
Fiona had these recipes on her blog and I thought they sounded like something my family would love (and I was spot on!!!) You can find the recipe here.
You must try these chicken wellingtons... they were so easy and so delicious. I must have found the largest chicken breast fillets in Australia, cuz they were huge!!!! Even after I cut them in half!! Not to worry.... they all dissappeared!
And I will definitely be making this vege bake again. It was sooooo good!
Thanks Fiona, I am going to try a few of your other pasta recipes as well.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!
Teresa xx

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finishes and Gifts

I have made another stationery folder (out of my favourite Rouenneries fabric!). I love this little pattern and the way it turned out.
I have also made another table runner... This one is for my Mother-in-law. You can find the pattern here. I made this with all the lovely little strips left over from my bears paw quilt.
It's in Modas 'Blessings' range.
Such a great feeling when you don't waste any of your fabric!
I made a little signature block for a lovely blogging friend Illene (and of course forgot to take a photo of it!!). This is the lovely card and doiley I received from Illene. Isn't it beautiful. I love it so much. Thank you Illene! - you shouldn't have!!!
Now I have to show you the gorgeous needle case my lovely blogging friend Julie made for me. Isn't it just too cute?
I love it to pieces. Thank you so much Julie.. you know exactly what I like :)

Hope everyone is having a great week.
I have spent the day laughing and stitching with the girls and had a wonderful time!
Thank Goodness for Tuesdays!!
Take care,
Teresa xx

Monday, March 29, 2010

What Makes Me Happy No. 13

What's making me happy this week?
With 2 very musical sons I am treated to Live Music ALL the time!!
The house is full of guitars, drums and keyboards.
There's nothing better than listening to the 2 of them singing and playing together.

I love it!!
It always makes me happy seeing them happy!
Happy Monday to everyone!!

Teresa xx

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Swap Reveal, and lots of Blocks......

I am in an on-line group Friends in Stitching, and we have just had our first swap for the year. We had to make something from a Leanne Beasley design. This is what I received from my partner. Precious things Sewing bag and Needle case bag. I love them.
My partner also added scissors, tape measure and unpicker. The gorgeous card is a stitchery pattern from Rosalie Quinlan!
Thanks so much Roseanne.... I love my gifts! You have done a fabulous job and spoilt me rotten!
This is what I sent to my partner Cathy.....
This bag is called "Jackie's Sewing Bag" and is from Leanne Beasleys book "Living the Dream". It's quite big... you could fit a quilt in there!

I have also caught up on a few quilts on the go and Block of the Months.....
This is from Girls Day Out.... not too many blocks to go now.....
Jennys BOM "Bouquet"

Bunny Hills BOM "Snowbound"
This weeks Pinwheel blocks from Rachel (P.S. I quilt)
and finally....
Last weeks Pinwheel blocks. I was so happy with the centre of these blocks!!!

Phew..... Photo overload!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful, productive week!
Teresa xx

Monday, March 22, 2010

What Makes Me Happy No. 12

What's making me happy this week?
Rummaging through Antique shops!
I love going through all the beautiful old things you find in Antique shops. My absolute favourite haunt is the old Paddington Theatre which they have turned into a huge antique fest! There are lots and lots of things to look at and I could spend hours there.
Last week I found this gorgeous little cream jug and old compact case.
The compact is from the 1930's and absolutely beautiful. It still is perfectly intact inside and still has it's little powder puff in gorgeous condition.

What's making you happy this week?
Happy Monday everyone.
Teresa xx

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Dose of Culture

Yesterday I was exposed to a bit of culture.... My uncle works at QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts), right across the road from the Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art. Every month we get together and meet in the city (Brisbane) to see an exhibit or a show. Last year was fantastic, we saw the Impressionists, Picasso's collection and the Paris Opera Ballet (to name a few).
At the moment the exhibit in the Gallery of Modern Art is the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. It was fantastic. Above is the Pixcell Elk. It was amazing, you could look at it for ages and see different things in the acrylic spheres.
There was also this huge Mushroom Cloud made entirely from brass pots and pans (and just about everything else you could imagine)
But this was my favourite... "People Holding Flowers". I'd seen a picture of it, but didn't realise just how many little people there were in it.
I loved it! We are going again next month to see an exhibit by Stephen Jones.
Now I just had to show you this truly amazing, beautifully made birthday present from my wonderful friend, Virginia (no blog, but definitely should have one!!!) Virginia knows how much I love anything French, so she put together this gorgeous binder cover.
Inside is just FULL of pockets and some of them hidden, also a little pin cushion. How well has she put it together!!
On the front is my name in beads and the most gorgeous piece of french fabric!!!
I love it to bits and it goes with me every where. Thank you so much Virginia!!!!

I must get some sewing done, I have been so busy this week as well as trying to come down from our awesome weekend away!
Hope you are all having a great week.
Teresa XX

Monday, March 15, 2010

What Makes me Happy No. 11

What makes me happy???
Quilt Retreats!!!
This weekend I was lucky enough to go on my first ever Quilt Retreat and I had the BEST weekend ever!!! We stayed at the Quilter's Rest - an 850 acre cattle property just outside of Kingaroy.
We had simply gorgeous views from our lovely workshop verandah. Nice to sit and look at with a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning.
Then we sewed all day (and most of the night) without feeling guilty about the housework or anything else for that matter!
I got to spend 3 days with my best friends as well as meeting some lovely blogging friends in 'real life'.
Having someone cook for us all weekend and not having to clean up the mess was too good to be true!!
I might add that the food was delicious! We all came home with some of the recipes (and a few kilos heavier!)
AND some of us were lucky enough to finish their quilts!!!

I was ecstatic to get so many blocks finished on my bears paw quilt. This is a quilt I have wanted to make for years now. I managed to get 14 blocks finished!
We laughed, sewed, ate, sang, (some of us even danced - Jenny you were gorgeous!), chatted, told stories, got to know each other, relaxed, unwound, accomplished and most of all we were HAPPY!!!
Our hosts were amazing and made this such an enjoyable experience.
Thank you Lynda, Dianne, Jenny, Helen and Tereasa for making this the best weekend.
I hope we get to do this again.
Hope you are all having a Happy Monday!
Teresa xx