Monday, February 1, 2010

What Makes me Happy? No. 5

What Makes Me Happy????
Tuesdays!!Tuesday is the day I get together with my best friends at my favourite little Quilt Shop, Homespun and Beautiful.
This is the day of the week, where we laugh, share stories and jokes, stitch, sew, create, solve all the problems of the world, (forget all the problems of the world), catch up on the latest news, eat yummy food and

did I mention LAUGH?

BEST day of the week!

Teresa xx


Bec said...

You are very lucky indeed to have these Tuesdays; enjoy them to the max!

Jo in TAS said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me!

Maree: said...

Don't we love our sewing days...what would we do without them..

Julia said...

looks like fun Teresa...friends and laughter is the best medicine!
Julia ♥

*karendianne. said...

Gosh I love these photos!!! They tell the perfect story. You make my heart swell with joy. Thanks for sharing. *karendianne.

mandapanda said...

Looks like you'll be having heaps of fun tomorrow!!! (cause todays Monday!)
How are you going btw? Happy with the tennis results? What have you been stitching? How's Suzi's door? Had any more snakes? How's school for J? Did he enjoy his first week? Any progress on the echidna pincushion/soft toy? I got my lizard pattern from the softies book. I just made him smaller, that's all. I'm in the middle of making a pink and purple one to go with him!
How is your family doing after all that's happened? Your Dad espeially...
Much love!

Scully236 said...

Looks like a wonderful day of the week! Great photos!

Tereasa said...

Tuesdays make me happy too, Treez! The fantastic Four.

SheilaC said...

Laughing with friends is the best, not matter what day of the week it is!!


Khris said...

I get to go have a lovely day out with fun ladies on Tuesday too..isn't it great to have days with people who enjoy similar things and we all get to laugh and play.
Hugs Khris

SHELL'S SHED said...

Looks like such a fun time!!

Shell x

Rae Ann said...

I would LOVE Tuesdays if I could have a day like that! How blessed we are to have good friends. Hope your day is wonderful.

Jantine said...

Just looking at the pictures makes me smile. Wonder when in these Tuesdays you do the stitching :-)
Keep treasuring these days and these friends.

Bev C said...

Hello Teresa, I agree those pictures do make me smile,enjoy those Tuesdays. Happy days.