Monday, January 11, 2010

String Quilts & Hide 'n' Seek!

What do I do when I've got lots of these... Strips of leftover fabric, all different sizes and colours???

You make these:

Then you put them all together and you get this:

These little string quilt blocks are very addictive. I'm having so much fun with them. I decided this is going to be a very scrappy 'something' with no worrying whatsoever as to which fabric to use next, or what fabric to put next to this fabric.... you know? Blindly grabbing the next strip without a care in the world. I'm calling them my Rainbow Quilt blocks. I don't know how big I am going to go and I really don't know what to make. Any ideas what I should do with my squares?
If you're interested in making these very easy peasy addictive blocks, there are a couple of great tutorials getting around. You will find Stephanies here and Robyns here.

Next question: Can you see what's hiding behind my coffee mug?


Yep, it's a green tree snake!!! It might not be huge, but it was very long and moved so fast!! It kept twisting around and around and darting all over the place. Very scary. Thank goodness my son was home and eventually (seemed like hours!!) he was able to get it out of the house via the back door with a broom. I think all three of us were very relieved!!!
The joys of living in the bush!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Teresa XX


Annette said...

Eeek! I think I would have had a heart attack! You've made super fast progress on your string quilt. I feel the urge to join in but I slap my hands and remind myself I just finished one. They are so fun to do.

mandapanda said...

Wow Teresa! Those blocks look great! I wouldn't be game enough to just grab blindly for the next fabric, but you're doing a great job and they look fabulous! You could make a nice table runner, or a lap quilt, or if you have anough, a Queen size quilt for your bed! That would look fabulous! And if you have some left over, a kitty quilt for their favouite chair? lol I'd love to see that!
The snake is quite cute! I would have been tempted to keep him! I'm glad your son got it out of the house safely. Try my trick next time, but only if it's a harmless snake like this little guy. Don't even attempt it if it's a brown or a tiapan or any other elapid!
Much love, and thankyou for the other day, I needed that!
Hugs, Manda!

Robyn said...

Scream!!!! and ewwwwww!!!
Snakes and houses do not mix... ewwww, so glad you got him / her safely outside. Shudder...

..and Wooohoo!! You go girl!!
Dont ya love scrappy?? Looking stunning!

Robyn said...

I just read Manda's message... so funny that our Manda loves any reptiles...giggle... lizards are cute... snakes are snakes!!

Sarah said...

Trust Manda to say 'cute'! lol She loves them.... ewww
Glad your son was home to save you!
x Sarah
PS: Those blocks look great too btw!

Tozz said...

Oh blimey....a snake in your house...eeeeKKK!! I dont know if I would be able to handle having that happen. I love your rainbow blocks and they are coming together really lovely. I reckon a quilt would look fantastic :) hugs

Khris said...

aggghhhh....I dont care if its a green snake or not but I dont like them at all...agghhhhh.....not nice at all...agghhhh.....I cringe... agghhhh.....can you hear me screaming from SA......the string blocks look great...have been wanting to do some for ages...but have yet to get one done...just another thing to remember to do one day...hugs Khris

Cubby House Crafts said...

Love your blocks...but can't say the same about your snake! lol!
We went camping on w/end and kids had a tiger snake under their boat! I am always wary of them this time of year, but it doesn't seem to worry kids!

retdairyqueen said...

I do not like snakes of any sort But in the house Oh No I could not handle that Harmless or not
Your scrappy strings are coming together very nicely

Tereasa said...

Treez, it a real snake from the wild!!! :) maybe he belongs to the skin you found the other day???

Tereasa said...

forgot to say, your quilt looks great.

Jantine said...

Your blocks are fun indeed. Are the strips the same width all over the strip. Like the same at the beginning and the end?
And a snake in the house. Well, then I prefer the snow. We are having lots of them this year, you want some more ;-)?

Sarah Lou said...

Who got the fun job of moving the mug?!?!
I love the string blocks, String quilts are one of my favourites

Kerri said...

Dont think I will come for coffee at your place. lol Nice colour though. Better than the browns we get here. Love the idea of your scrappy quilt. I have a heap of scraps that I need to do something with. Great idea