Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New BOMs for 2010

I've decided to make a couple of BOMs this year!
This one is from Vicki and is called 'Flirting with Flowers'.
I'm going to make this a scrappy quilt, in very soft colours.

This second block is from my on-line group, Friends in Stitching.
Each month one of our members chooses a 12" block and this is the first one - Capital T
(very appropriate for me!!).
I have decided to make this quilt in Rouenneries fabrics.
I've wanted to make something in this range since it arrived!

Now I can't wait to see what next months blocks look like!!

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Teresa xx


Rae Ann said...

Teresa, I love the fabrics that you have chosen for your BOM quilts. It will be so fun to what the nexts ones are!

Julie said...

oh, you've been hard at work. great start to the new year! looks like lots of sewing is planned for you.

Bec said...

A fabulous start to the year! Love Rouennaries, and am looking forward to following your Friends in Stitching BOM progress in it....

Tozz said...

Love it Teresa and I love your fabrics you have chosen :) Looks good in blanket stitch too :) hugs

mandapanda said...

I love the first block! That little lady bug is so cute! By the way, I made my frilly from felt. Speaking of which, my friends friends frillneck she mated with her frill (did that make sense? The female is a friend of hers, the male hers.) has laid 16 eggs! How eggciting! I've never handled a baby frilly before, so hopefully they'll all turn out alright.

Jantine said...

BOM are fun! Love the Rouenneries fabrics a lot, your first block is great! The flowers are nice too, you have done a lot of stitching in these few days of the new year!

*karendianne. said...

Ohh my I love the T Block! It's one of my all time favorites and it'll be so pretty in the Rouenneries. Aren't you an expression of pretty! Flirting with Flowers - what a cuteamous name and looks to be so fitting. Pretty pretty work. Kindly over coffee and on dog rotation duty spending time with you!, *karendianne.