Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Gifts

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!! Christmas lasted 2 days for our family, as we celebrated on Christmas day with my husbands family and on Boxing Day with my family. So I am exhausted today!!! I wanted to share with you the wonderful gifts I received in the Christmas Swaps I was in. Firstly in my on line swap, I received from Helen.....

This beautifully made heart pincushion and needle case. I absolutely love it. Helen does the most perfect stitching ever and I am always very jealous of her embroidery skills. I consider myself very lucky to now be the owner of this masterpiece!! It is very beautiful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know me very well Helen xx

I was also in Chooky Blues Secret Santa swap and my partner Emily has sent me this gorgeous table runner. Thank you Emily!!! The photos don't do it justice, but the fabrics and colours are really lovely. It is still raining today, and although it's not good for taking photos, we are loving every drop we are receiving. The tanks and dam are full, so I am not complaining. Thanks again Emily for being my partner and I also love the cute little snowman decoration you made. I think he may stay around for a bit longer than Christmas!!

I was also in Jo and Fionas advent swap. My partner Annette sent me lots of wonderful presents that I opened each day, then on Christmas Day I opened the 'big one'. How cute are these placemats and serviettes? Once again, the photo doesn't do the colours justice, but the fabrics are beautiful.

They have been beautifully made and I just love them!! Thank you so much Annette - I have loved everything I received from you and so glad you were my partner.

Well my house looks like a bomb has hit it.
I have a million things to do, but I don't feel like doing any of them!!!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a big "thank you" to all my blogging friends who made this Christmas very special to me.
I look forward to keeping in touch with you all in the new year.



retdairyqueen said...

Hi Teresa
What a lovely lot of gifts you received You were lucky in the partners you got
Christmas can be very tiring Iam working in the garden and worked up a sweat so came in for a drink
Glad you are getting rain

Cubby House Crafts said...

Gosh, I was exhausted after celebrating Christmas for one day...had to have nanny naps for next 2 days! You will have to have them for a week! lol!!
You got some truly awesome gifts there!
So pleased your getting some rain, we've had some nice weather, about 25...but we never know what tomorrow will bring in Tassie!

Tereasa said...

Love the placemats, Treez

Marls said...

Wonderful gifts. You were certainly lucky with the partners you got.
I don't think I could stick pins in that amazing heart. What exquisite work.
Yes the rain is wonderful and it is good to see green everwhere as a result.

Chookyblue...... said...

so many great swap parcels..........thanks heaps for being part of the SSCS........lovely runner that Emily sent to you.........

Julia said...

Teresa..I love vintage, your vintage gift is beautiful...all the gifts are lovely.
We're getting a 40 degree day tomorrow...send us some rain!
Julia ♥

Julia said...

Teresa...I just saw your santa on the sidebar says "two more days to christmas"...oh, no!!
Julia ♥

Cardygirl said...

Great presents...glad you had a lovely Christmas!

Tozz said...

Oh got some gorgeous things....and you deserve them too Teresa :) Glad you had a great Christmas and it will probably take you a week to get over it :)

Rebecka said...

Fun gifts! Love the heart pincushion and needlecase. I glad you and your family had a Merry Christmas.

Khris said...

Great stuff you have received...I love it all...hugs Khris

Cath Ü said...

Fantastic gifts you received... Love the heart pincushion and the Santa place mats......
Cath Ü

*karendianne. said...

Oh such lovely work you received from wonderful friends with good hearts. I'm here from Em's. I had to see for myself the wonderful table runner. She makes the sweetest things with the best fabric combinations. It's a pleasure to visit you and meet you and to see all you were blessed with this holiday season. Warmly, *karendianne.