Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Gossip....

It's about time I blogged about My progress with Anni Downes quilt "Gossip in the Garden". 
This months challenge was two appliquéd blocks (one tiny one!) and 15 periwinkle stars. The stars were a bit of a challenge for me. 
Each 4 inch block contains 12 pieces, so my first job was to cut out the 180 pieces needed for the blocks. 
These are my first 5 stars and I have to admit, they were fiddly! 
All 15 blocks complete! 
The larger appliquéd block. 
And the smaller one. 
Putting it together. 11 of the stars go around the very first block we made. The other 4 are for another section. 
This block will be used later....
And one of the Dresden blocks from last months challenge can be put together with these others. It's all coming together!!!! 
I have also finished my "Work in Progress" bag by Jodie from Ric Rac. I love it! Great size and stands up on its own. Only trouble is - all my Works in Progress won't fit in it!!!! 
A bit more progress on my Scandinavian Rose too! 
Hope you're having a great weekend! 
Teresa x

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gossip in the Garden and Other Progress

This months Gossip blocks (the dresdens) are finished and this is a photo of the "Gossip" girls at last Sundays get together.
As you can see, lots of varying finishes ha ha. We've given ourselves 2 months this time to get the next blocks done and hopefully give the girls time to catch up. There is a lot of work in each of the blocks that's for sure! 
I've been working on the next months blocks and I have finished this one (and the weeds grew wildly in the old tea pot) 
And this small appliqué block. 
I have also finished the stitching on Jodie (of Ric raC's) "Work in Progress" bag. Now to put it together. I've heard the handle is a bit fiddly so I hope there won't be too much swearing when I come to that part. 
I've received this months "Like a Jigsaw" pack from Sue Daley and once again, I love it all. The fabrics are just gorgeous. This months templates are 1" hexies and 3" triangles. 
Another parcel of happy mail I've received are these gorgeous fabrics from the "Nevermore" range. This is the range I made my bag from on retreat earlier this month. I love it! Now, what to make with it? Hmmmm? 
Hope you are having a lovely week! 
Teresa xx

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Warwick Part 3 (last one I promise!)

Last post about our retreat to Warwick... I promise!
Maree gave us all a wonderful Christmas in July dinner while we were there. She is so good to us... and with all the trimmings as well (oh! those spuds!!)  Linda brought along our dessert of sticky date pudding and caramel sauce... she is fast becoming famous for this (well her hubby is!) as it so delicious! 
Sandi, Helen and I had a little Christmas gift for everyone and didn't Sandi dress them up nice for us?
Inside was a little kit with wool felt and thread to make a Christmas decoration.
This is mine which I finished after the retreat. 
I also finished this stitchery while at Glenrose. It is for a bag by Natalie Bird which a few of us are making. 
I have my fabrics all picked out for it....thanks to a few purchases at the shop...
In the colours I love... black, white and red.
I also finished off this months blocks for Gossip in the Garden. I am loving the dresdens... even if they took forever to make!
We tried to get a group photo of all of us and the sun wasn't being too kind...
I like this photo much better....What a great group of ladies.
Sandi, me and Helen
My cabin buddies left on the Thursday for home, but I was having way too much fun and decided to stay one more day with the rest of the girls. So it was "goodbye:" to Helen and Sandi and off to make a quick check of our cabin (and my bed) as I was so sure they would do "something:" to the room now that I had it to myself. I was so sure they would short-sheet my bed.... 
When I pulled back the covers this is what I found.... Well Sandi did promise me I wouldn't be alone... and I thought she was trying to scare me! Never, ever a dull moment with these girls.
Just a few photos of our beautiful surroundings at Glenrose....
Then a wonderful trip home with the lovely De and Marilyn... with one more stop at Brysons before we head off...Can't help ourselves.
De, Alison and Marilyn
Thank you girls for another amazing, wonderful retreat. I loved every moment, every conversation, every laugh and every stitch with you all. This has been so much fun. 
Teresa xx

Warwick Retreat Part 2

 Firstly, I have to warn you.....You may want to get yourself a cuppa.... there's a lot of photos in this post!
Second day of our retreat found us at Brysons! Our favourite shop in town for browsing, shopping, coffee and caking and lots of oohing and ahhing!!! Such a gorgeous shop full of beautiful things.
Warwick is such a lovely place to visit and we did a bit of the tourist thing as well as shopping.
As you can see it was a gorgeous day.
I bought some gorgeous French General fabrics and these wonderful Christmas fabrics from a great Quilting shop, Canning Town, in Warwick as well. Then it was back to Glenrose and some serious stitching, creating and sewing. The girls were very industrious.... 
Here's some of what we achieved over the week.....
Helen and her jelly roll quilt.
Cheryl and her absolutely gorgeous mini quilt...
Maree's stunning Auntie Green's Garden...
These gorgeous blocks were made by Marilyn....
A lot of work in Lynda's Social Tote.
I think Maree was very happy to get this bag finished!
De and her fresh and bright quilt for her daughter...
Alison and her sweet table cloth...
Sandi and her Sew Together Bag... she wasn't the only one to make one of these....
Weren't we a productive bunch?
 I finished this great little quilters compendium which was our project from Let's Get Stitched in Melbourne by Marilyn. I love it!!!
Inside there are pockets for cards, notes, receipts and a pen, a see through pocket for fabric pieces and a notebook. This is going to be sooooo handy!
We had a little visitor.... isn't he cute?
These are our lovely gifts from Glenrose Cottage... moscato, nibblies and gorgeous fabric for each of us. We certainly are spoilt here.
Sorry about the long post... and all the photos ... but this is definitely a time and place I want to remember forever. I have a few more photos of our Christmas in July dinner and another finish to go....
Hope you're having a lovely week.
Teresa xx