Friday, December 12, 2014

Celebrating Helen's Birthday (again!!)

Yesterday we went to the wonderful cafe - Whisky Business - and had the most amazing high tea to really celebrate Helen's birthday. 
This is such a lovely little place with a great atmosphere and the most amazing high tea, menu and macarons!!!
Just love this photo of the four of us, taken by our waitress. Don't we look like well behaved ladies??? 
The food here is just amazing. And certainly lots of it!!! 
And just when you think you can't eat another bite ... They bring out ice cream and salted caramel and panna cotta and rhubarb. Talk about a sugar hit!!!
The lovely birthday girl. So glad we got to celebrate with you twice this week!!! Does this mean we all get two days of birthday celebrations next year???? Not sure if I could handle that ha ha!!!!
Have a great day! 
Teresa xx

Christmas Party at Gail's

Wednesday this week was my Christmas party with Leona, Gail and Barbara - my arty girlfriends - well they all paint and are wonderful artists except for me ha ha!!!!
I've taken lots of photos of the day, including all the pressies and the delicious food - and none of the girls!!! Very slack. Anyway - this is the gorgeous present I received from Leona. Beautiful English China vase and sugar bowl. Aren't they gorgeous? 
Gail is an incredible cook and she made us all an absolutely amazing lunch. We had a huge bowl of Vietnamese beef and vegetables. It was sooooo good. 
Then she "whipped" up our dessert!!! 
Oh My!!!! Heaven on a plate! We had icecream with salted caramel sauce with meringue pieces and almonds. On the side were homemade brownies, blondies and white chocolate rocky road. It was fabulous!!!!
More presents from the girls - a gorgeous teapot from Barbara, the hand painted card is from Leona and Gail also made us a Christmas cake. How good does it look? 
Had a wonderful day - lots of laughs, great friends and delicious food. Can't ask for anything else. 
Thank you girls for a lovely day! 
Teresa xx
PS just had to show you the photo of Leona's gorgeous painting....
She asked me to send her my photo of the roses my hubby gave me. This is the painting of those roses. I just love it - and now she has given it to me. I think this is so special and will be treasured. 


I have been so busy and so slack at the same time. Especially when it comes to blogging! I've reached the point where I have so many photos and posts waiting to be published in my saved drafts, it's a little ridiculous. It is always crazy busy at this time of the year. So you may see a few blog posts back-dated and moving around on my blog. I will get there and be back on track eventually. 
I will start with this week's festivities. Which happen to be birthdays and Christmas parties. Love them both!!!! 
Tuesday was Helen's birthday and we decided to celebrate with a high tea but the place we wanted to go to don't open on a Tuesday so we left that for later in the week and just do our "normal" Tuesday stitching thing. Out at Norreen's today. 
The lovely Helen, opening her presents and being photo-bombed by the crazy Sandi!!!
We decided to go with a Red Velvet Trifle  instead of a cake and this was an extremely wonderful decision!!!!
Helen was very happy to have trifle! 
Luckily Norreen had cute cupcakes and Helen was able to blow out a candle!
We had Show and Tell and I love Sandi's table runner.
Norreen's gorgeous "Christmas Bells"   (Look at these two - can't even hold up a quilt without mucking around! - too much sugar I think!!) 
And I finished the binding on my Snowmen Mini. 
Had such a great day - always do with these girls! 
Happy Birthday Helen!!!!
Teresa xx
(I'll be back with another post - promise!!!) 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quilty Fun Christmas Sew Along Progress

This little sew along is so much fun. I find myself hanging on every post, waiting and waiting for the next block. Getting so excited when I see Lori has posted another block to our growing Christmas quilt. Since the last post there have been more blocks.......
A little Christmas basket. 
A Christmas gift all tied up with ribbon. 
Then we started to put some blocks together. 
Three little spools of thread for sewing Christmas gifts.....
And a cute little Christmas quilt. Hard to think of snuggling under a quilt today as its soooo hot! 38 degrees and it's so humid. Ah well, I can always dream of a white Christmas.... Enjoying a hot chocolate and marshmallows with a roaring fire, while its snowing outside. Sigh!!!! 
Can't wait for the next block....
Have a great weekend! 
Teresa xx 

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Romantic Vintage Markets

Once a month there is a gorgeous little market on just outside the beautiful shop Linen and Lace at Cleveland. The stalls are beautiful and full of vintage loveliness. 
It was on again last Sunday and I was lucky enough to go with my lovely friend Michelle - and I had the best day. 
We had a delicious morning tea...
Home made lemon slice and coffees in beautiful china surrounded by sweet smelling roses! 
Michelle took this photo of me enjoying our morning tea. 
Bears and Old Lace were there and I've been following this gorgeous business for ages. I loved everything on her table! 
Linen and Lace never disappoints and I just loved her Christmas tree and ornaments on display.
I bought so many gorgeous things. Lovely laces and ribbons from Bears and Old Lace, beautiful hand made rose brooches from Claudette and Hester Handmade and see that sweet little painted sewing sign and stand? 
 Check out what the stand is made from... A vintage fork! Love it! This was made by the lovely Tracey of Rose Petals Past. 
This beautiful bracelet is handmade from Liliah Rose Jewellery and it was the very first thing I saw when I got there.  I couldn't buy the very first thing I saw, so I left it behind, but thought of it over and over. Just before we left I checked if it was still there. It was and of course I felt I had waited long enough. I just couldn't resist. The heart is made from an old vintage piece of china. 
Just had to show you the gorgeous Christmas ornament Michelle has made for me. It's so cute! Beautiful card and bag too. I have been spoilt! 
Before I left for home Michelle and I visited the Chung Tian Temple. It is so beautiful and peaceful. It really was incredible. We will have to go back another day when we have more time and visit the museum and have some tea. 
What an amazing place and a wonderful day. 
Thank you Michelle for sharing such a lovely day with me. 
Teresa xx

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Quilty Fun Christmas Sew Along

I have been having a lot of fun sewing along with Lori Holt (Bee in my Bonnet Blog) and her Quilty Fun Christmas Sew Along. The blocks so far....
The block that started it all.... The Freshcut Tree! 
Then came the house (with red Cardinal in the door way!) and the Cute Cup of Cocoa blocks. 
Mr Cookie block....A cute little ginger bread man....
A warm pair of mittens....
And we had completed 5 blocks. 
A peppermint stick was added to the Cute Cup of Cocoa block.  Next a string of  Vintage Christmas lights
A Christmas candle and a Christmas star were next. Some of the patterns are from Lori's book "Quilty Fun" and the rest she is giving us the directions for, on Instagram. 
The latest block is a vintage Christmas ornament! 
I am really enjoying making these blocks. I can't wait for the next one..... It's all a mystery and that's half the fun! 
It's great seeing everyone's blocks as we are sewing along together. Stay tuned for more Christmas Quilty Fun!
Teresa xx 

Tuesday Stitching

It was really lovely to all get together today as it's been a whole two weeks apart! Helen has been holidaying in New Zealand and the rest of us missed our day together last week. So today was even more special. 
We've been very spoilt with gorgeous gifts that Helen brought us back from her trip.  
We all got a gorgeous piece of fabric - each one different with native NZ flowers on it. This is mine! The selvedge says " Pohutukawa Blossoms". It's so beautiful. How cute is my Christmas decoration? I just love it with the little sheep on it. And.... A beautiful gift tag! Very french and very me. Thank you so much Helen for my beautiful gifts! It's nice to have you back and we've missed you! 
I made carrot cake for today but the boys got into it yesterday when it was fresh out of the oven. Not all of it made it to stitching today, but enough of it did. 
Some Christmas stitching was done as well as some "secret" Christmas fun that I will show you later. All I can tell you is that we were very productive and we had a lot of fun!!!! 
Hope you've had a lovely Tuesday too!
Teresa xx